Charcoal Boy: Paying Homage to the People Behind the Delicious Food

September 12, 2017

If you find yourself strolling along SM City Iloilo Southpoint and craving for the grilled foods. Charcoal boy will surely come in handy. 
But What’s  in a name? no matter how bizarre a restaurant’s name may sound,  there’s a lot more to it. Just like with charcoal boy who is paying homage to the food prep workers behind the delicious grilled foods. Hence, the name Charcoal boy.

Iloilo Bloggers inc. was invited to try their dishes specifically the oysters, and it so happened that oysters are my favorite, especially baked cheese and garlic oysters.


The interiors –minimal, furniture are simple thus creating a sense of Modernessisticism. A shiplap accentuated one side of the wall and canvas wall frames with charcoal trivia propped up on the other.
I have high hopes for the foods,  especially with oysters and luckily everything was delectable,  although the Rockefeller smells a bit weird the taste is good though. It was my first time to try it.
Hot Chili Oysters As the name connotes this oyster is on fire. The ideal choice for those who love their oysters extra spicy. (Php 135 for 12 pcs.)
Cheese and Garlic Oyster- As far as I can remember I think cheese and garlic were the first recipes for a baked oyster and more and more restaurants are adapting it. Later more recipes were concocted for baked oysters. And only at charcoal boy I get to try it.
(Php 135 for 12 pcs.)
Rockefeller-baked oysters topped with various herbs and other ingredients
(Php 120 for 8 pcs.)
aside from oysters they also have grilled foods such as this Grilled chicken breast
(Php 90.00)
For pork lovers, you can go for grilled liempo
(Php 135.00)
Or pork barbeque
(Php 48.00 each)
Seafood chopsuey because a meal won't be complete without dash of vegetables
(Php 235.00)
Sizzling squid - grilled squid served in a sizzling plate
(Php 185.00)
Charcoal Boy is located on the lower ground floor of SM City Iloilo Southpoint

thank you for dropping by. Don't forget to leave your blog links :D 


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