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August 02, 2017

Bags are considered a staple in a woman’s wardrobe. They make an instant spark in a woman’s outfit. I am not a Bagaholic but I was deeply influenced by my grandmother and my mom who are real lovers of bags. Ever since I was a kid they’ve been collecting bags of different classes and styles.  When we were little my mom would often buy me and my sister  girly sling purse in different colors and with cute dolls faces on it.

Growing up bags has become one of my favorite things to collect. But they say to be a bag collector it means you have to spill extra money for it. True, Bags can be a luxurious hobby to collect if you aim for the brand and the quality. Good thing though that nowadays we can get more bag collections at a cheaper price of good quality.

 A good example of an online shop offering good quality bags is sammy dress In their fashion handbag collections you can choose from different styles of bags.  Below are examples of their beautiful collections. 

All the handbags are manufactured elaborately and exquisitely. The materials are of the highest excellence, which definitely demonstrates your graceful and glamorous temperament every time. Leather handbags will never go out of fashion. Large-capacity functional bags are very practical whenever you need to carry more items. You can buy all these cheap fashion handbags from Sammydress

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1 Sweet Thoughts

  1. Nana, the purses are too cute, I like the cat one... they are so unique, that's what I really like about them xox