Top 9 Reasons to Switch to Lookna

July 27, 2017

If you have yet to start advertising your business online this may be the perfect time to get started. 
Online ads are everywhere on the Web spending has increased so dramatically that it is expecting to overtake spending on print advertisements. 
If you think that spending money on online advertisements is a waste of money, then you are missing out on all the benefits that online advertising offers.

Following are 9 reasons why you should choose in advertising your business.

1. Lookna is a modern fraud-free hyperlocal search engine that allows equal opportunity to big and small scale business. Online ads provide instant information that has a wide variety of advantages. With online advertisements, you get instant information on what ads are generating clicks, who is clicking your adverts and where they saw your ads. All of these are crucial bits of information for your business and you can’t get them from print ads.

2. Lookna was built with the goal of eliminating scams and fraud in the market. With these, you can confirm that your message reaches your desired clients. Online ads reduce the chances of advertising to the wrong group of people, thus wasting your budget and time. You can easily target and retarget your intended clients and it gives you the ability to precisely reach your customers - the "right ones". You can focus on clients based on their geographic location, gender, age, behavior patterns on the internet, and special interests.

3. Creating a listing in Lookna is a piece of cake. Lookna provides simple and straightforward listing that shows important information about your business. Online advertising platforms allow you to be creative. You can showcase your own ads to your potential clients. These ads can be easily modified and tailored according to your marketing strategies.

4. Lookna provides verification processes that are done by real humans and not just artificial intelligence. Because of that, you can be sure that advertisers who subscribe to Lookna are real service providers and not just middlemen who act as the link between the service providers and customers. We demonstrate your clients that you are a legitimate business and encourage them to take you seriously. Even if they never visited your website, a prominent domain name on the internet and continuous advertising campaigns prove your commitment towards your company and offerings. Your online presence also shows that you want to keep your customers informed and care enough to reach all markets.

5. Lookna offers you more flexibility. You can reach various devices such as smartphones, tablet computers, and laptops. Promote one ad and you can reach all online users on Windows, Android and Apple devices. This wide variety of options means reaching more clients with less effort.

6. Lookna lets you choose the category that best fits your business. Each category comes with pre-added services and these services are the keywords that our searchers use to search. One of the advantages of advertising online is the ability to increase brand recognition in a short time. You can take advantage of the constant user presence on the Web and quickly get your brand noticed. Once you successfully established yourself as a known brand name, you can use the attention gathered and launch new products that are targeted towards your existing audience.

7. Lookna will make your dashboard clear from clutter by making sure that you only create listings for your business once. Unlike print ads you can make quick and easy changes to your online adverts. If any of your ads are misplaced or misinterpreted by a group of clients you can make quick changes and avoid unnecessary hustle.

8. Lookna has a map feature that enables you to drag the map marker to correctly pin your location, thus allowing possible clients to know where your physical location is. This can be an advantage as clients can drop by your store or business location to do business with you personally.

9. Lastly, the most important reason for switching to Lookna is you can advertise for FREE! Yes, you read it right, we provide FREE advertising services where you can showcase your products and services. There will be no funds depletion, making your ads visible ALWAYS. There is also no bid competition to make it on the top, so there is no more over spending just to keep it up with giant advertisers.

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