Spicy Element: A Touch of Spice

July 27, 2017

How to spice up your life when you felt you’re missing out on life? Sometimes I felt like I’ve been missing out on life, not because I’m bored rigid but because I was too busy to even enjoy the uncomplicated things that life has to offer. 
Sometimes it pays to break the cyclical pattern by doing something new. In my case, I'm thinking a late night mini shindig. Perhaps a drink or two after a scrumptious dinner.

Perch on the upper ground floor of SM City Iloilo Southpoint is a resto-bar called Spicy Elements but don't get threatened by the word "spicy" despite the fact that most of their dishes consist of Bicolano cuisines Spicy elements have other dishes for those who are not into piquant foods. 


Spicy Elements has that vintage industrial look and with black and brown accent walls that give the place a dramatic minimalist feel. 
The resto has a list of delicious foods and the bar as well has voluminous lists of alcoholic and none- alcoholic drinks.
 They have Live bands every Thursday and Saturday too.
Elements Bulls Eye Php 150.00 This one is a little bit strong so drink with caution hahaha
Giant Beerguerita anyone? Php 295.00 
Chicken Galantina Php 215.00 - a popular Filipino stuffed chicken 
Rellenong Alimasag Php 349.00 a Filipino version of stuffed Crab 
Seafood tortang talong Php 205.00 (Seafood eggplant omelet)
Bicol express Php 199.00 
Ribs solo w/ rice Php 205.00
Laing con lechon Php 199.00
location: SM City Iloilo Southpoint 2nd Floor
 Live band every Wed. Thurs. & Sat. At 8:30 PM
opening hours:
weekdays: 10:00 AM - 10:00 PM 
Weekends: 10:00 AM - 11:00 PM

Contact: 500-79-95

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