Denim on Denim & A Dash of Sheer

July 12, 2017

How to wear a sheer bodysuit? The word sheer may sound daunting given that it gives more illusion than the outfit itself.

But the fact is that gone are the days where diaphanous clothes are something to be worn indoors. Over time it stretches its way out to the catwalk and through the streets. Although wearing it may require a dose of bravery, but just think of Gigi Hadid and her skinny jeans and lacy bralette underneath a sheer bodysuit. It all depends on how you wear it and carry yourself.

But I have to admit that I was so hesitant when I first saw this Sheer Mesh Embroidered Bodysuit from but I fell in love with the floral chest appliques and the color that I decided to give it a try. I paired it with a slim fit distressed jeans (I'm into pants lately) and wore it on a lazy Sunday stroll at the mall.
I’m not disappointed with both pants and bodysuit. The pants fit me perfectly and it’s very comfortable, the fabric is not stiff on the skin. I highly recommend it.  Equally, for the body suit, it’s cuter in actual. You can wear it over a jacket or cardigan for a not so provocative look.
Both Pants and body suit is currently on sale at

Slim Fit Distressed Jeans from $38.39 to $22.65

Sheer Mesh Embroidered Bodysuit from $18.70 to $9.35

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4 Sweet Thoughts

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  2. Napadaan lang po, nagexplore na rin ako. You have a wonderful fashion blog and I like your layout :-)

  3. this is a really cute outfit šŸ˜Š


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