Floral Jumpsuit x Zaful Review

June 14, 2017

I thought I would start my week off by wearing something floral. As they say, nothing can aid a rapid revitalization from a stressful day like a bouquet of flowers.  It’s true that flowers can convey positive energy to the senses. By merely looking or smelling it, it helps alleviate stress.  No wonder that Ikebana (floral arrangement) is considered a therapy in Japan. 

I am not good at floral arrangement so I’ll just wear something floral. This Slip, Floral Surplice Jumpsuit with Tie Belt is from www.zaful.com It's made of polyester so for me, I don’t think it’s ideal to wear on warm weather. Aside from clothes that are always on trend Zaful also have other unique pieces such as these Novelty Camera Shaped Cross Body Bag that is a perfect representation for those who love to take selfies and  Flower Glass Bottle Pendant Necklace that I think is really cute. You can check zaful and see what gems you can find at their store
Also, don't forget to check their 3rd anniversary party promotions.

happy shopping!

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