Pursue Your Passion: Create Life Without Limits

May 15, 2017

Through the years It is proven that the internet has been a major game changer to people’s lives.  What has transpired after its innovation has evolved into something substantial. And today, more people are choosing to live the digital lifestyle, running their own online business, freelancing and to some choosing to live the nomadic lifestyle. Why? Because it is much fun and easier to make, communicate, work, share and keyboard tapping at the comfort of your own home or backpacking and country hopping to places you dreamed of, rather than doing it in cubicles. There is freedom and it’s all about Creating Your Life without limits.  
With the recent release of www.globe.com.ph Samsung Galaxy S8 powered by The PLAN and its tag line “Everything is an adventure just waiting to happen”.  It led me back down the memory lane on how I decided to pursue my passion and give up my career in the corporate world. 
It wasn’t an easy start though given that I was a neophyte in the freelancing and blogging world, I still have so much to learn. There are days that I felt so baffled and bored because during that time mobile wifi hasn’t launched yet and I’m still using the Globe Broadband WiMax Modem, so, home is the only place where I have to be. hahaha
And yes, when it comes to finances I’ve dealt with serious frustrations along the way but that didn’t hinder me to pursue my passion.  But as days turned to months and months to years my notion towards digital lifestyle have shifted completely from financial constancy to life fulfillment. 
And globe itself has transformed digital lifestyle to a higher level by countering the lifestyle demands of their clients.  Hence the birth of their customizable postpaid plan. The plan comes with three lifestyle pack choices: Navigation, Explore, and Fitness. The Navigation pack lets customers use Google Maps, Grab, the MMDA app, and Waze for free.  While with explore pack you can accessed for free websites such as Agoda, Cebu Pacific, Looloo, Philippine Airlines, Trip Advisor, and Zomato and last the Fitness pack that comes with free myFitness Pal, Strava, and RunKeeper. 
They've also partnered with big brands such as Google, Facebook, Viber, Spotify, NBA, HOOQ, and e-commerce sites such as Lazada and Zalora.
And with their consumable mobile data GOSURF that offers free access social networking and entertainment contents helps millennials build a lifestyle that allows them to create and share life without limits.

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  1. Thank you for the information, Dear:) Glad to know that it's partnered with big brands & e-commerce like Lazada and Zalora (both are my favorite shop)


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