M.O.V.E at Bolinao Pangasinan + World Tour Travel Giveaway

April 27, 2017

They said that "Every summer has its own story" and "The tans will fade but the memories last forever". Now, what summer story are you going to tell this 2017? What kind of memories are you going to cherish? Don't think about it anymore as DLC Enterprise proudly presents present "MOVE - Making Outstanding and Valuable Existence". Move is an event travel agency that caters to different travel events in the Metro.  Under this brand, They are launching the “Move Amazing Race at Bolinao Pangasinan, Year 2”

This event is no ordinary event. it is an excursion where you will meet new people, enhance your skills, teach you how to travel like a pro, and will change your life. 
If you are a solo traveler, couple, family or barkada aged 16 to 35 looking for a real life version of an 'Escape Room Game' or 'Breakout Manila' where you get to test your skill and abilities, but not in a room but in the real world, then this is for you!

So, why join this 2 days event? I'm gonna give you 11 reasons why!
1. Meet New friends express yourself and release your "hugots!" (emotional draw-outs
2. Jam by the beach - you can bring your own musical instrument
3. Experience camping like never before
4. You can go back being a kid and play exciting games at the beach
5. Have a healthier mind and body through Zumba and meditation sessions. 
6. Eat like a FilipinoEvent is inclusive of 2 traditional Filipino boodle fight catered by Troika Resto Art Gallery
7. Unlimited Cliff diving for the thrill seekers
8. Be inspired, gain wisdoms and find your life purpose
9.Enhance your social and conversation skills
10. Search your soul and connect with Philippines beautiful nature!
11. WIN! one participant of the event will be a chosen winner of THE WORLD TOUR PROJECT who will travel to 14 destinations for free!
For a minimal fee of 3, 600 you can enjoy all these perks! you can use coupon code ANSSL200OFF for 200 pesos mark down on the original price plus a Php 2000.00 worth of freebies!!!

Travel Dates: May 27 to 28, 2017 Saturday-Sunday 

Now, do you have the guts to become the next MOVE AMAZING RACE CONTENDER?

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