When You Got Nothing To Wear

February 07, 2017

I think it’s important to have at least one emergency look you can rely and get you through those days where you felt you’ve got nothing to wear. In my case, though I literally got nothing to wear since all clothes are neatly packed in boxes already since In 2 weeks from now I’m moving into a new home. Boy it's so tiring hahaha 

I did pull through some few wardrobe essentials to get me though those 2 weeks. Wardrobe capsuling?  Exactly what I'm doing right now. Practicing wardrobe capsule, my morning is now simplified and getting dressed is a whole lot easier (since I have few clothes to choose from hihihi).

I’m not a pants person, in fact, my love for dresses and rompers are well documented.  But whenever I wear pants Plaid is my favorite to pair with jeans. I find it slick pairing these two and not to mention that it's comfortable.
So, if you're having trouble finding an outfit of the day. Consider wearing plaid on jeans! You can never go wrong with these two. 
Top: thrifted from a thrift store
pants: www.zara.com
Shoes: SM Parisian

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8 Sweet Thoughts

  1. cute casual outfit.


  2. I think you have the gorgeous as well as fierce dress that can made any boy to fall in love. These kind of dress always create a charm on our face and make us look more beautiful.
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  3. Nana, I know you love rompers and dresses but truly jeans look great on you too, I love how you paired them with the plaid shirt xox.... I hope the move goes well, it is always stressful in the middle but I am sure it will work out quickly xox