Tattered Boyfriend Jeans

February 09, 2017

I’ve been wearing a lot of jeans lately, which is a surprise to both me and to the people close to me. Fact is I used to hate wearing jeans (for some personal reasons) but recently I’m beginning to obsess with tattered jeans… yeah! Call me late bloomer hahaha 
I’m beginning to get excited whenever I see tattered jeans, although at some point  I’d doubt if it would look nice on me, but seeing this tattered boyfriend jean at www.tosave.com made me change my mind immediately.

I’m suppose to wear this on valentines days since I don’t want to wear anything so “valentine day-ish” since boyfriend is out of town and I'll be spending valentines day with me, myself and I hahaha
 So Ok! Back to the tattered jeans topic! This jeans is only $10.95 a real steal right? and oh by the way if you guys are looking for some hair extension you might want to check Rose Hair Extensions wanted to dye my hair gray or silver but I might just settle for some hair extensions. 

What do you guys plan for valentines day? How would you wear your tattered jeans? feel free to share your answers and blog links on the comment box below.
Top: H&M
Shoes: Parisian
Bag: Sul-ob Moda

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