Guipure x Nasty Dress

February 21, 2017

It’s ok to be madly obsessed with something, sometimes; I am a big dreamer there is no doubt about that and admittedly I can be easily drawn to far-off fantasies and same goes with my fashion I never get tired of being drawn to something even if it is somehow unusual. 
Surreal as it may seem but  fashion had taught me lots of words such as the word "Guipure". Every now and then whenever I wear something I asked myself what they call this thing. In my mind,  I was like oh it’s a lace. Nah! it's not just a lace it's guipure as google define it "it's a  heavy lace consisting of embroidered motifs held together by large connecting stitches"

and creating something that looks romantic and sweet just like this romper i got from A perfect silhouette of quixotic. What I love about this piece is the Crochet ruffled mock neck. Felt like i'm in a Victorian era or something hehehe  
Anyway this romper is currently on sale from $70 it's now down to $31.97 wew! the bottom part is a little bit transparent so you need to wear an inner slip. but over all it's a great choice.
So far what words did fashion taught you? feel free to leave your comment in the box below
have a groovy week ahead everyone


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4 Sweet Thoughts

  1. Love this guipur outfit. You look great with it!

  2. Nana... this is a very romantic looking romper, it looks lovely on you ♡ Lace can give such a pretty look to an outfit xox

  3. Loveley Outfit.You look so great in it.