Thank You 2016, Hello 2017

January 03, 2017

Hello everyone HAPPY NEW YEAR! vacation is over and it’s time to get back to reality land hahaha I was trying so hard not to blog during the course of my vacation and reserve this post for today. 
It's been a tradition that every year I'm doing a flashback of what happened last year and lessons that I have learned.

Honestly, I’ve been trying so hard to recall the best moments in 2016 aside of course from the fact that Leonardo de Caprio finally won an Oscar. šŸ’ƒ

2016 was a blast merely because things didn’t quiet happened the way I expected it to be although I’ve fulfilled some of my 2016 bucket list and yeah resolutions..... but not all.

In fact my 2016 was an attestation that no matter how you contrive to write your life story if God decides to change the story it will change. God is still the editor of our life. Yet, 2016 had opened so many doors for me (Thank you God). It was a wonderful year with all the blessings and surprises I have received and with this I am keyed up with the thought of what will be the surprises and blessings I'll get from God this year. <3 aren't you?
So here's a run through of my best moments in 2016.

1. Meet my soul mate (chusss hahaha) – they say that meeting someone who is destined for you is inevitable. Precisely! Because meeting my now boyfriend is something I didn’t anticipate. Never really thought such soul exist or should I say he was not included in the fairy tale I’ve created in my mind, but somehow God has its own way to sweep your feet. But it was him who brought back the visionary in me again. His hardworking attitude also pushed me to work hard too. 
 2. Became a member of Iloilo Bloggers Inc. - Although I live in Iloilo and been blogging for years it never really occurred to me to tap on local and fellow bloggers because of the idea that I wanted to remain incognito in my hometown but I think it’s really God’s way. It was the best decision ever because joining at Iloilo Bloggers had opened so many opportunities for me, further expanded my network, and met so many amazing people and fellow bloggers. But the preeminent part is I didn’t just gain networks, but obtained friends for life as well.
3. An Increase in Social Media – although not that much compared to other social media I was still overjoyed with the drastic increased in my Social Media (e.g. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram). 2016 I set a goal and I have achieved it. 

4. Got a new phone – Yeah, some of you might think WTH anybody can get a new phone? But I got a good reason why getting a new phone was included in my 2016 best moment.  I bought Sony Xperia around August because my other mobile phone was jammed and I was itching to play The Sims again ha-ha, but unexpectedly Sony Xperia didn’t just fill up my mobile games hunger but it unexpectedly gave me more when I discovered its movie creator application. This clever application is specifically made for Sony mobiles alone.   What is interesting about this phone is that it automatically creates movies of your memories – all you have to do is keep shooting, it doesn’t really take any space on your phone and the amazing part is it gives you ultra high definition resolution videos that you can even upload it on YouTube!

5. Finally Got my own blog domain- yay! 4 years in blogging and I finally convinced myself to that it's time for my blog to possess a sense of individuality hahha. thanks to Iloilo Today  for all the help.

6. 2016 Lessons Learned - The lessons I have acquired in 2016 instill a resonance with the idea of new beginnings. And somehow it thrusted me to let go of some things, but I know in some way letting it go will generate a positive outcome.  It would be a lie if I say I have no regrets. I do have regrets in life. Regrets over things I should have done But I won’t let disappointments and regrets defeat me because here I am, I was fortunate enough to be given another year to fulfill whatever my plans and God’s plans for me. So yeah I am ready 2017.

What are your best moments in 2016?

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2 Sweet Thoughts

  1. cute shorts
    Keep in touch

  2. Nana, it sounds like you had a few really great highlights for 2016... we all go through ups and downs, we just hope that there are more ups then downs xox...

    The best highlights for me were that I changed job positions, started working from home and met a great new friend... it ended on a good note. xox