So You Want To Become A Blogger?

January 10, 2017

Over the course of time Blogging has become phenomenal. Anyone can declare they are a blogger, but not everyone understood the real quintessence of blogging and the hard work one puts into it. 
To some, blogging is their gateway to popularity while others think it’s an easy access to obtain free stuffs. In fact, the grim reality is that aspiring bloggers found themselves in a constant rat race to gain more followers and likes or snap the best photos, they think that It’s no longer about the substance.

From time to time I keep receiving messages from people asking me how to become a blogger? How can I start my own blog? I made a blog, then what happened next? And my first question to them “why do you want to start a blog?” More or less people will respond “because writing is my passion or I love to share in my thoughts” whereas there are really those responses that make me cringe reading it. Answers such as “because I want to eat free foods, I desire to get free stuffs or I want to travel for free” trust me don’t ever tell an ardent blogger that. It pissed us off hahaha you see it makes us feel less. 

I want aspiring bloggers to be to understand that we bloggers “WE DON’T LIVE LIFE ON THE FAB LANE” behind the scene were making a lot of sacrifices. Starting a blog is easy but maintaining it entails hard work and sacrifice so blogging should be your passion and not just for other reasons.
So, How to become a blogger?

First be precise with your reason why you desire to begin a blog. Most blogs fail because they failed to understand what they really want. They are eager to start a blog and be a blogger, but they are not ready to take in sacrifices and put a lot of hard work.

Second, forget about the thought that once you start a blog you’ll immediately get brand sponsors.  First focus on your content, page traffic, and slowly build your blog (slowly but surely) ‘coz eventually brands will just flood in once they see your blog is capable enough to promote their product. 

Third educate yourself. Know everything about blogging, learn about the magic of analytics, SEO and Link Building.  

Fourth Pick a name for your blog and find a blog host you can choose between wordpress or blogger. I'm using blogger since I find it easier to use and since it's  a blogging service provided by google all you need is a gmail account and you can connect all your google accounts such as youtube, google plus, google analytics and adsense. But if you need to know more about the advantages between wordpress and blogger you can check this Wordpress Vs Blogger post and you decide yourself which host to use.

Fifth for a sense of individuality buy your own domain.  My blog use to be but after 4 years I finally decided to buy my own domain and change my super long blog name to a simpler one As I’ve mentioned earlier I’m using blogger as my host so if you don’t have your own domain you’re blog address will always have a “blogspot” word on it.  If you ask me if it is really important I’d say yes it is it adds credibility to your blog. You can buy domain to website such as GoDaddy  or NameCheap

How to do this and that?

Since I'm using blogger as my web host  I'm giving this tips based on blogger alone.

1. How to personalized blog with a theme? I want to be really honest this one is one hell of a bloody work hahaha good thing though that there are websites that offers free blogger theme. You can check website such as choose what theme you want to use download the code and install it on your blogger blog. On how to install kindly check it HERE

2. How to install drop down menu on blog? If you have more than one category in your blog. Drop down menus is the best choice to organize it and make your post more accessible to your readers. Again, this requires a lot of hard work. Tweaking HTMls and CSS code is always an uphill struggle. For drop down menu code and how to install it check it HERE

3. How to install domain name? this one is quite simple, once you've bought your own domain just go to your blogger account click settings, click basic, click publishing and on the blog address (third party domain settings) just paste or type your domain address and click save. 

That's it! If you want to know some how to do's,  feel free to leave your comment in the comment box below :D 

thanks for dropping by

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7 Sweet Thoughts

  1. I love to be a blogger! Don't care if i am big or successful, I love what I am doing!
    Very helpful tipps!

    xoxo, Colli
    Beautyblog tobeyoutiful

  2. This is very enlightening, Don!Thanks for sharing these tips. I have been thinking of starting my own blog to share my thoughts lang gid ya.hahaha. and maybe sone of my food & travel adventures.*wink*

  3. Wow, i am so glad i stopped by , i've been meaning to give my blog a makeover an don't know much about editing. Thanks for this tip ,and you have a great blog.

  4. Thanks for sharing these tips and tricks.

  5. Excellent post (as always)!Thank you very much :)

  6. Nana, blogging isn't easy but is you love it like we do, it is worth it and very enjoyable... You have to be committed xox

  7. Great tips!! Thanks a lot for sharing!! I found some tips very useful. Have a nice day!!