Papa Vomito: A Taste of Colombia

January 12, 2017

The word vomito may sound off but let's not judge a restaurant by it's name hahaha. This Colombian Restaurant was named Papa Vomito for a reason and one reason is because their food serving is hefty enough to make you… uhmmm… puke
If you’re into food hunting and want to taste something new, I advise you try Papa Vomito. Apart from their overload Colombian dishes like the papas (fries), mazorca (sweetcorn) Hamburguesas(hamburgers) and perros (hotdogs) prices are extremely inexpensive and yes the foods are decent no need to worry.  They also have a television where you and your friends can watch and listen to Colombian Music. 

The dainty restaurant is vibrantly and beautifully decorated. The wall mural itself is hand painted with everything that exemplify Colombia. 
1. Hamburguesa (Mundialista) - a combination of beef, egg, ham and veggies with special Colombian sauce.
2. Papas Super Vomito - (My Favorite!) a combination of fries, sausages, ham, veggies, cheese, chicken and corn.
3. Perros Con chilli con carne - I love chilli con carne so this one is second to my favorite. It's a mash up of everything.
4. Mazorca Salchicha - Great choice for the corn lover. A combination of corn, melted cheese, sausages and special Colombian sauce.
5. Agua Fresca - refresh yourself with their Jugos (juice)

For more details visit their Facebook Page:

Jesena Guzman St. Mandurriao Iloilo City

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