Thankful For You

December 07, 2016

In life we often caught ourselves in a never ending cycle that we barely have time to even stop to smell the flower, or gaze upon the skies and be grateful for it all. Frequently, we get wedged up in our daily routines and find ourselves complaining  more than giving thanks and ignoring what is more important to us.  

I myself is a victim of these cycle, nothing is more imperative  to me than getting my daily groove. Career always comes first . Success comes with a high price that will leave you no choice but to pay, It’s like drinking honey in a cup made of thorns. What I'm really saying is as my career is escalating, other aspects of my life are declining. You see it’s not all sunshine for me, true that I get to enjoy the perks of my work. And the price I have to compensate for these? It’s at a much higher cost. 

My life will always be about choices and career will always be my priority. It’s like I am being magnetized back to it. 
But things have changed, though when I lost my father to brain cancer. A father is always a daughter's first love and losing him is really painful. Anyone who lost a parent knows that a death of a father or a mother understand the gravity of the misery and how the death of a love one is life altering.

When my father was diagnosed with a brain tumor, I was dumbfounded because it wasn't what I expected to hear from his Doctor. The news catapulted me into a sorrowful state. I was psychologically un-moored, I am not prepared. I refuse to believe that sooner or later he will leave us.  I have kept the hope inside of me - the hope for a miracle. 

They allege that the sooner you accept the truth the easier it is to let go, but trust me if you are very close with someone, if you love and care for someone so much you will do everything to refrain yourself from believing and forgetting. No matter how strong the threat of oblivion is and no matter how obscure the situation maybe, you will yet continue to cling to that one hope amid the sorrow. I'm not going to lie by stating that everything was easy for it never was, keeping your hope and faith fervent is never easy, especially if the person you once see as brawny is slowly turning into a stunted soul, wherein his gaunt face and pain is a manifestation that death will shortly take its toll. 

And when death and setbacks occur, you'll suddenly find yourself questioning “Did I spend enough time with my father while he is still alive?” and you would start to unlock every memory, hoping to find something to enlighten your guilty soul but believe me the truth will slap you hard on the face. 

I may never be able to sit down and have coffee with my father anymore, but his death propelled  the truth that Life shouldn’t be emaciated  and center on career alone. There is so much more to life than our profession and we should learn to appreciate and celebrate our blessings everyday.

Let this season  be an opportunity to spend time with your families and love ones. But if you were still thinking what  better way to spend your  time with them.  How about this Christmas let your loved taste the Filipino Christmas through Johann’s Blendpresso specials Puto Bumbong and Queso De Bola coffee-based flavored drinks. Gather them up, share stories and bring back good old memories and make new ones.

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3 Sweet Thoughts

  1. So sorry for you loss.

  2. Nana... I think loss is one of the most difficult things to deal with, it makes you look back and wonder if you did all that you could... loss is never easy to get over... your post was beautiful and thoughtful... it reminded me what we all need to remember, people are so much more important than anything else... learning to let go is something I need to really learn xox