Dinner Buffet @ The Promenade

December 29, 2016

I love ending my week with good food and good company and last Friday I met with some fellow bloggers over dinner at The Promenade at Days Hotel Iloilo  a festive dinner buffet with fireworks display and for only Php 695 it's worth the price. You can gorge from a broad variety of foods from appetizers to meal course to desserts. Of course the sushi plate and the dessert table was my favorite ☺☺☺

Without further ado let me take you the FOOD RUNDOWN
I won't be able to post all the food pictures (too many) but you check the video at the end of the post.

Christmas is not christmas without a Christmas Ham
Mantou is a chinese steam bread it's very soft. I like mine baked
Potato with cheese - the perfect duo. 
Pardon but I forgot it's name but it's a fried chicken cutlet (I think) wrapped in Nori
The Bread Section
The Fruit section
and yay finally dessert. Chocolate cakes will never ignore in every dessert table agree?
When Life gives you Lemon and Mandarin? make some Lemon Mandarin Jelly
for a change how about some red velvet cookies?
I love this one a mallow peach
can someone tell me this is not Santa's Rudolf? ☺ strawberry cheesecake
Blackberry Mousse and Creame Brulee

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4 Sweet Thoughts

  1. Everything looks so good!!!


  2. Everything looks delicious

  3. Mouthwatering food items. Its increase my hunger. You beautiful presented all food stuff.

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