SM Southpoint: Foodie's Haven

November 28, 2016

The opening of SM City Iloilo Southpoint last November 11, 2016 is one solid proof that Ilonggo’s are the ultimate foodies. I myself could testify to that, being an Ilongga I always find myself hogging for food. 
And  through the years numerous restaurants in Iloilo sprouted here and there.

Mr. Han Sy son of Chinese-Filipino Business Magnage Henry Sy  quoted “ SM Southpoint will be the place where people will spend the night away with family and friends,  a place will people will meet and have fun”
Iloilo Bloggers with SM PR Manager Troy Camarista

The 2 level expansion holds at least 25 restaurants.  15 are currently open and at least 10 more to open soon. Apart from the bistros people can also enjoy lounging at the mini park and get mesmerized by the dancing fountain that promises a jovial atmosphere .
“It has an open park feeling that I really believe is the advantage over here. We have so much land. We can afford to really be a bit more generous. I don’t want it to become like an urban jungle in the future,” -  Han Sy
Aside from the that Mr. Han Sy unveiled that by the first quarter of next year (2017) they will start the construction of a 200 Bedroom Park Hotel in Iloilo.
“We are very happy and proud of what SM has become today as it remained strong as before” Mr. Han Sy states during the press interview.
Here are some of the restaurants that are currently open
And many more... If you're in Iloilo or planning to visit Iloilo then be sure to drop by at SM Iloilo Southpoint.
Iloilo Bloggers with Mr. Han Sy
"A lot of people would do business and then rely on luck. That is not supposed to be. Work hard to get yourself exposed to opportunities. It will take guts to really go into that opportunity. And with a little bit of luck, you will be ok"

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  1. sounds and looks like a great event.

  2. Interesting post my dear, thank you for sharing :-)

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