A Writer Needs To Write

November 08, 2016

“You know I really miss doing free writing, the thing that I use to do”  I blurted to my boyfriend yesterday as I am so desperate  to come up with a new blog post. “But you’re writing” he said “ No, not that kind of writing. The stream of consciousness writing kind, but my mind is so cluttered I can’t even come up with a title” 

Writers block is a common thing to me recently. In fact, it’s too mainstream that I’m starting to question if I’m already missing the figment of my imagination. Words used to flow freely, but now It seems I have to dig deeper, although to be mentally block is inevitable and every writer struggles with it.  Still, it’s so frustrating when you felt you no longer have creative frame left in your body.   

Just this morning I woke up late.. As usual.. And frenetically made myself some hot coffee.. Too hot that it scald my taste buds. The burning sensation woke up my entire body cells, but my brain cells still remain a mute. I headed to the shower instead, to let my coffee cool off a bit.   

The droning sound of the water as it splashes my body seems to rhythmized with my current state. I just wish that the cold water would purge whatever that is making my brain black out or perhaps I might find an answer to the conundrum that is plaguing me

20 minutes to 10 and I am so late for work, I rush out of the shower room and grab a dress at random  from the closet.  That’s why I always love the dresses they are the perfect solution to a crisis. (E.g. late for work) I grabbed my bag and headed out to the door, forgetting about the coffee and later blame it to my stressed mind.

While crossing the street a gust of wind flung right through my face  and it smells like Christmas. And Inside my head I was like “ Time is fleeting, it felt like yesterday when I first started blogging and in a few days from now my blog is going to turn 4 years old" and here I am thinking what went wrong.

Perchance, the fruit-floral, sweet scent of the woman’s sitting next to me is so strong that it tickles my nostrils and stimulate the fibers of my brain. Little by little I collected fragments of words  and here I am acing up my sleeve. After 4 months I am finally doing a stream of consciousness type of post.

This made me see that the sole means to stamp down a writer's block isn’t to self pity and wait when inspiration would drop by but you have to overcome writer's block by writing. Start somewhere, type anything and don’t let the moment paralyzed you. Just start..

Because writers need to write 

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3 Sweet Thoughts

  1. Lovely post dear!Have a great week! xx

  2. same problem here, but my mentor once told me that to overcome writer's block, all you need to do is to keep writing, anything that pops out in your mind is already something even if it doesn't make sense at first. Eventually you'll be able to get something out of it and probably finish an amazing write up. :) Love this post and kudos to you & your blog! :)

  3. Nana, I have missed you... I hope you are doing well xox

    As for writing, sometimes you just have to write whatever you think... especially when you have writers block... I rarely have it but I do get where I don't want to write what I really feel because some people can't handle it. It's why I took some time... xox