Sarabia Jewelry Open It's Flagship Store At SM City Iloilo

October 03, 2016

Sarabia Jewelry opens its flagship store at Upper Ground floor of SM City Iloilo today.   A well attended event by the elite and who’s who of Iloilo City.   Cutting the ribbon were:  Iloilo City Mayor Jed Mabilog, Vice Mayor Joe Espinosa III, Ms Marylou Sebastian, owner of the John B. Lacson School, Ms. Tess Braga, owner of the famous poultry with tunnel vent technology, Kikay Farms. Guests were treated to a unique fashion show presenting the latest jewelry inspirations of the Sarabia women, one of which was the SOLIHIYA series which was designed by Ms. Regine Sarabia Espinosa, from the third generation and in house designer and metalsmith of Sarabia Jewelry.

The new jewelry store is a realization of hard work and the passion to succeed, love for the craft, and of three generations.   “After 70 years, three generations strong, indeed the time is now.  

The store is a dream come true.  It took many months to plan this, it takes the brand to another level, by hiring the very best designer and contractor, ” claims Mrs. Gina Sarabia-Espinosa, 2nd generation and president of Sarabia Jewelry.    She also  later describes the rationale for the store, “it was made to taking customers through a whole journey in the world of fine jewelry for a better more personal customer experience.”  

Nobody knows indeed the jewelry business like Sarabia Jewelry who is now currently celebrating their 70th year.

Sarabia Jewelry opened its first jewelry store in 1945 at the heart of the city, in Guanco Street.  Seven decades later, Sarabia Jewelry is one of the few stores that is still standing strong in downtown Iloilo which serves as the main headquarters for the brand.   

Sarabia Jewelry boasts of a massive collection of fine jewelry and most of all, an atelier with skilled artisans and craftsmen on its upper floors.   Customers can set appointments to have custom made designs from Sarabia Jewelry who has its own in house certified GIA gemologist and also a master metalsmith

For the launch of the flagship store, a glimpse of Regine’s latest work of art in fashion jewelry will be shown.   
The pieces are inspired by the craftsmanship that comes from the SOLOHIYA.  It is a dying craft.  
Rarely do we see skills being practiced of weaving rattan patterns on the furniture – it is a heritage craft.   
In line with the mission on preservation of heritage, Sarabia Jewelry is proud to bring this latest design from the third generation of Sarabia women in jewelry to the public.
Responding to the demands of the current times, Sarabia Jewelry has brought the buying experience closer to people, making more finely crafted jewelry available to everybody and through its latest jewelry store.  At SM City Iloilo, the new store is located near H&M at the Upper Ground Floor with more product offerings for a variety of choices, a bigger space, and a better look.   

This flagship store at SM City Iloilo is the culmination of the legacy that has been passed on from generation to generation.   

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