Nastydress Halloween Wishlist

October 21, 2016

Oh,  it’s that time of the year again when we get spooky and creepy, but one reason why I love Halloween the most it’s because it’s the only time you get to dress up. You can dress anything that you want without people throwing “what the hell is wrong with you?” look. 

So, this year, whether if you want to become the angry princess, the french maid the sexy bunny, the vamp or the bloody nurse will get you covered. With their new selection of Halloween Costumes  it's surely going to be a fun spooky night. 

For me here is my Nastydress Halloween Costume wishlist:

A sexy vampire outfit that screams Lemme suck your blood 
opt for a strawberry shortcake inspired outfit for a cute get up
Or be the evil witch
or perhaps a dark fallen angel?

whatever your taste is you'll find at Nastydress
Also they'll be having a massive Halloween sale Be sure to watch for it and save a fortune. You can also use the code HALLOWEEN to avail a 12% discount

There is Magic in the night when pumpkins glow by moonlight

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4 Sweet Thoughts

  1. Amazing, love it!

  2. how cool is that
    keep in touch

  3. great costume ideas.