Itadakimasu: Wild Bamboo

October 19, 2016

If your idea of comfort food is Maki and Ramen then Wild Bamboo is comfort food. What started as a small kiosk in Sm City Iloilo, this Japanese fast food expanded into a big box, opening it's first restaurant at Robinsons Mall Jaro and promising to tap hungry markets with it's new line of wild rolls. 

But before I further take you to the food rundown let's take a walk down the memory lane first. 

Did you know that Wild Bamboo was initiated by a 19 yr. old? Yep, you read it right young entrepreneur Paolo Sarabia Trenas started its Japanese fast food when he was just 19 yrs. old! 

"Wild Bamboo was my college thesis. Japanese food is favorite cuisine of my family. It was my brother Gerry and my sister Raisa, who would guide me throughout our journey with Wild Bamboo. My siblings Carlo and Miguel would give us pieces of advice" Paolo said 

"Here in Iloilo, we don’t have fast, affordable authentic Japanese cuisine and we wanted to provide that niche in the market. We wanted to serve the market that craves for Japanese food at affordable prices with a unique ambiance and quality service, which not all fast food restaurants provide" Paolo stated. 

Which I think is true me being a Japanese cuisine lover too, I sometimes crave for Japanese foods and it's kinda hard to find a bona fide Japanese food that is  pocket friendly. 
After our chitchats with Paolo Me, Greg of and Reymond of Good Day Western Visayas finally had the chance to stuff our faces with Wild Bamboo's new Wild Rolls and Ramen

Texas Road Kill - They won't call it road kill for nothing because this wild roll will definitely slay your taste buds with its spiciness but I must say this is one of my favorite.
Tutti Frutti - No need to further justify why its called tutti frutti obviously the look says it all and it has a fruity sweetness burst to it that will surely remind you of tutti frutti confectionery 
Crunchy Hawaiian Roll - Sweet and crunchy my second favorite
Marilyn Monroll - I wonder what it's called Marilyn Monroll, but I made my justification that perhaps this wild roll was called that way because one way or another this wild roll has a sexy appeal and taste to it just like the actress-model Marilyn Monroe.
Wild Bamboo Roll - This one is rather special because it carries the "Wild Bamboo" name and seafood lovers will certainly agree that this is the best.
Rock and Roll -  hahah should I say more? this ceratinly looks like a rock and roll wild roll with the heaps of goodness that foodie will surely enjoy devouring. 
Elvis Roll -  Can I order 1 Elvis Pleasssee hahha  without a doubt Paolo knows how to give names to its food. First, there is Marilyn now, here's Elvis. As Greg giddily chimed in, "I know why it's called Elvis because that cucumber is a replication of the King of Rock and Roll's iconic costume" Indeed the standing collar hahaha 
Aside fromt he wild rolls we also get to try the new Ramen flavors Miso Ramen, Sukiyaki, Shio Ramen and Shoyo Ramen.
Reymond, Greg, Me and Paolo
When asked on how will Wild Bamboo face the fierce competition of fast food restaurants in iloilo, his future plans for wild bamboo and what is Paolo's advice for young entrepreneurs. Paolo was happy to share his thoughts

"We would want to expand through-outVisayas. How to face the fierce competition? First know the market Second listen closely to the market Third Constant Innovation and change Fourth look at what the food industry is doing Fifth apply what you learned Sixth repeat"

and Paolo's Advice for young entrepreneurs

"Look at what the market needs and wants.
Choose a need or want that, would suit your personality.
Before starting a business or anything learn to love whatever it is.
Passion and the heart to change.
Never Never Give up" 

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