Why Mermaid Tail Blanket Rocks x NastyDress Review

September 28, 2016

At one time in my life I dream to become a mermaid and that dream came true when I got this mermaid tail blanket from www.nastrydress.com. I've seen a lot of mermaid tail blankets online and I've always wanted to have one. Only this past week I finally decided to get one, since rainy season is already here  and it only means one thing it’s also going to be a mosquito season. 

Imagine my revulsion waking up with my legs infested with mosquito bites and you have no choice but to deal with the itch that will keep you awake all night.  So that is when I finally decided to get this blanket. 

Aside from making you feel like a mermaid this blanket totally rocks and here's my reason why:

1.  Sleep in style – aside from protecting you from getting cold feet and mosquito bites. You’ll sleep in style, Imagine a mermaid sleeping in a bed.

2. It protects your entire body - yep, it won't only protect your legs but your entire body. The blanket has an open seam to extend all the way up. 

3. Super Cozy -  It's made of plush and soft fabric and crocheted scales that really look like a real mermaid scales. 

4. Perfect Travel companion - unlike blankets mermaid blankets are lightweight so it's not bulky.
Don't forget to check nasty dress for more amazing mermaid blankets! 

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