DoVa Brunch Cafe: Always A Good Idea

August 14, 2016

 It felt like you've been transported into a different place. A place that is a step back in time. That is exactly what I felt when I first step inside the new branch of Dova Brunch Cafe at Megaworld. With its rustic and industrial vibes it surely project a cozy retreat.

As Chef Miguel implies during his conversation with us. He started DoVa out of his love for Brunch. His travel to Cambodia ignited his interest in the brunch culture. 

 "By sitting at the La Bougangerie in Siem Reap, the thought of brunch captured my mind. I love observing expats and french ladies riding their bicycles and holding a baguette." he stated.

 DoVa offers a variety of foods with inspirations from American, Mediterranean and English. But moreover, it also offers traditional Filipino food such as chorizo, tapa and tocino.
DoVa's gastronomic foods

 1st: Bacon & Sausage Pancake 2nd:Hangover Fries 3rd:Cured Meat 4th:Truffle Cheese Dip
1st: French Toast 2nd:Cashew Brittle Nut 3rd: Quinoa Salad 4th:Deep Fried Cheeseballs
1st: Salmon & Caper Pizza 2nd:Soy Ginger Chicken 3rd: Backyard Barbeque Pizza 4th:Big Brunch Pate
1st: Eggs Benedict 2nd:Banana Strawberry French toast 3rd: Grandma's Meat Loaf 4th:Holiday Christmas
1st: back ribs 2nd: Artisan Ice cream 3rd: Beef stew 4th:Braiuse chicken
The warm and bubbly Chef Miguel Cordova
have a satisfying brunch experience at Dova Brunch Cafe. Eggs benedict, pancakes, bacon and eggs? they have it all.

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15 Sweet Thoughts

  1. Thats a super cool cafe
    Keep in touch

  2. Lovely place
    yummy food!

  3. Lovely post dear! Have a great weekend! xx

    1. thank you dear. have a great week ahead too =)

  4. Wow, the restaurant is so lovely and quaint. I love everything about the interior... And the wooden planks for the lighting is very cozy, and they have good food, this is a very nice restaurant!

  5. Nana... all the food looks delicious... and what a nice ambience xox

  6. Brunch is always a great idea! This looks amazing, and now I'm hungry...
    xo Annie
    New England Romance

  7. Great place!
    You make me hungry! :)

  8. Nice place. Loved it.

  9. What a cool cafe!! I really need to start up my food section on my blog, thank you for the inspiration