5 Reasons Why You Should Visit Mrs. Wharton London Bakes and English Tea

August 21, 2016

It’s normal to become disillusioned when you can’t find solutions to a problem. But it’s not a reason to give up. You have to get up and take a look back to the beginning so you can recall the purpose why you started. Try to find the key to turn things around.

 Sometimes you have to be in a place where you can brainstorm your ideas out and see if you can inspire yourself all over again. The truth is, I have a limited supply of attention span, hence I easily get distracted even with the slightest noise. Once I get distracted all inspirations and words cultivated inside my mind are blown out and I would experience that so called “creative slowdown”. Reasons why I constantly look for places that could inspire me and bring back the creative juices.

It was this one fine Friday morning that me and along with other Iloilo Bloggers went to Mrs. Wharton London Bakes and English Tea  for a cake and pastry tasting. Upon entering I really get excited. Indeed Mrs. Wharton would be one good place to reflect. Not to mention that the aromatic scent of English tea truly imparts a sensation of real English vibes.

What makes Mrs. Wharton different and what are the reasons why you should visit it.

1. It's Instagram-able - with  its London inspired, colorful and vibrant interiors. This is the ideal place for the Instagram warriors or for someone who just love to take pictures. Every corner is Instagram worthy.  And Yep Mrs. Wharton also has  that iconic Red telephone box you see around UK
2. The Best English TeaI personally love tea because of it's soothing effect. Mrs. Wharton offers the most delicious English tea. Match it up with a scone or naked cake. 
3. A Variety of Pastries to choose from - from naked cakes, to scones to lemon meringue tart. Mrs. Wharton offers a wide array of homemade, handmade, warm and delicious pastries and cakes. It's truly a haven for the sweet tooth. And oh! Mrs. Wharton also offers creamy lasagna.
4. A cozy, friendly pastry shop - the staffs are really friendly, the space is very intimate. Precisely the right place to pass an afternoon tea or coffee with friends. Or if just want a place to reflect and to feel inspired.  Also, it's a non- smoking area hurray! hahahah
5. Delicious Scones - last but not the least. Another reason why you should visit Mrs. Wharton is because of their scone,  this biscuit like pastry is a perfect treat! You can enjoy it with butter or jam or perhaps a combination of the two. It's your choice. 
The friendly and all smiles Mrs. Marie Wharton
Naked cakes are also available for only Php 1k+ perfect for all occasions.

Mrswharton is located in General luna Street D'Jabez Building 2nd Floor Spa Riviera Lobby

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6 Sweet Thoughts

  1. It looks like a friendly place to visit... those sweets look so yummy... xox

  2. Really interesting post...thx for sharing! xx

  3. I love your photos of Mrs. Wharton's! It does like a place I'd love to photograph and share on Instagram. I wish I was in the UK to visit.

  4. Love your cakes, and thanks for your share