Cake Tasting at Carlos Bakery Cafe

July 10, 2016

Let the truth be told,  no one can resist cakes they are delicious and the intricate designs and icing make it more irresistible. I have a sweet tooth and I looooove cakes that is why when  Carlos Bakery Cafe invited Iloilo Bloggers Inc. over to be the first to taste their new cake flavors I am blissfully excited.

The bubbly Paolo Trenas greeted us with 3 flavors of cake - Yema, Honey and Black Velvet. And inside my head I was like "ooohhhh cakes" hahaha

So let's start with the first cake:
First is the Honey Cake it may look nutty but the honey icing and the al capone nuts create a perfect balance of nutty and sweet. The chiffon was baked perfectly thus it gave a fluffy and soft cake.

The popularity of the red velvet cakes was so intense that it literally became everyone's favorite. Hence Carlos Bakery created the famed velvet cake only that theirs is black. The tastes is lavish and the black color is really intriguing. A classic chocolate cake with Delicious cream cheese frosting. This is a perfect choice for chocoholics.

And last which is my favorite is the dainty yema cake with whipped frosting and topped with cheese. It's not too sweet because the whipped frosting make everything light.

So there you have it you also might want to try these new cakes which will be sold to the public soon. Aside from the cakes they also have other pastries such as doughnuts, pies, tarts and many more. Currently, Carlos Bakeshop has 5 branches in Iloilo, 3 branches outside Iloilo and 3 more branches that is soon to open. For more info you can visit their Facebook Page

Or you can also visit them on their main branch @

117 Benigno Aquino Avenue, Iloilo City
Tel. No. (033) 321-1592

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8 Sweet Thoughts

  1. all of the food looks amazing.

  2. Lovely post dear! Have a great weekend! xx

  3. the cakes look delicious
    Keep in touch

  4. Everything looks amazing!
    The black velvet cake looks extremely unique, love it!

  5. These cakes look so beautiful oh my god *__*!! So unique looking. I'm so jealous.

  6. I have the biggest sweet tooth and absolutely love cake! These all look so delicious! Katie xx