GOOZAM - A Difference in First Response

June 15, 2016

With the evolving technology at our fingertips, life becomes easier and even if a lot of people would disagree, it’s a fact that almost all of us are already dependent on modern devices. It has become a part of our busy lifestyle.  Our smart phones, for instance, have totally enriched our lives, communicating with our family and friends became easier and aside from communication we can snap lots  of photos using it, listen to music,  do online bankings, shop clothes online and even book your airline tickets and taxi’s all you have to do is download the application from an application store.

So what if aside from your POU games, Camera 360, Instagram, Grab a Taxi and Facebook application, there is an application that can actually help save a life? Yes, you heard it right and it’s called Goozam

What is Goozam?

GooZam is a slang way of saying "Good Sam" which alludes to the deeds of the "Good Samaritan". It's mission is to Create, deploy and maintain an innovative mobile app and infrastructure that will change and revolutionize the volunteer service delivery model. Hosting and enabling on demand geovolunteering through its mobile software app that gives access to essential response volunteer services. Goozam is a first response mobile emergency just like 911 only that with Goozam you only have to click a button. 

How Does it Work?
In case of any emergency distress a person or someone on their behalf can press the emergency buttons provided on the main screen of application. A single push of the emergency button will make a call  to any configured emergency number, SMS to those on their “Emergency Contacts”, send notification to registered volunteers and initiate dialogue with any available support services.

The application comes with 6 distress buttons by pressing any of this it does 6 actions, simultaneously:

1. It dials and auto activates speaker for hands free emergencies
2. SMS Emergency Contacts with the distress location 
3. Hails a geo volunteer within proximity
4. Shoots an email to the insurance carrier
5. Using data, updates an emergency management web portal
6. It enabled posts the configured emergency message onto your facebook timeline and sends it to your chosen emergency messenger contacts.

And yes Goozam still works even if you do not have internet access. However it is limit to SMS and Call services only. 
Mr. Enoch Cruz  - Goozam Founder and Chief Executive Director
For more details about the application kindly check Social Media Sites:

Goozam Application Info:

For now it's only available for Android phones 

A Difference in First Response

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2 Sweet Thoughts

  1. Really interesting post...thx for sharing! xx

  2. I think our smart phones are really good in a lot of ways in how we can do a great deal from it... sometimes I think we need to take a break, I do use mine a bit too much... this app sounds like a very good and helpful app xox