Bare Foot: My Happy Feet

June 18, 2016

How do I start this post? I guess by saying that socks is not just a fashion accessory. Its purpose is more than that. Aside from keeping our feet sweat free,  it also keeps our feet warm from the cold.For me, it’s a must have whenever I travel, especially if I get to travel by plane or air conditioned cars because I frequently pee when I catch cold feet. 

I once mentioned that I am a sucker for cute things, I go banana  over apparels, accessories or even notebooks and ball pens with uber cute designs or styles. I want things that outlines a silhouette of cuteness.

The Crazy Honest Mistake

And recently  my love for cute things  has elevated to a new level  when I found out about barefoot, it’s an online shop that sells cute, crazy and fun socks. Socks with cheese, eggs, monsters, cookies, Aztecs, toothpaste and toothbrush designs.  Cheese and the toothbrush were my favorite.

 You can only imagine when the paper bags full of those socks were handed to me. I was digging... literally digging because I am keyed up to finally see the cheese socks. Which at first I thought was pepperoni pizza (you can’t blame me pepperoni pizza is my favorite) I am really happy with my new socks that I message barefoot, telling them I really like the pepperoni socks and Sir Paul the co-owner of barefoot responded to me by saying he was happy that I like the socks and that it was actually cheese and not pizza hahaha And I was like what? I've been caressing the sock for hours already and I did not realize that it was a cheese hahaha. 

But that doesn't matter since I too love cheese anyways. And the quality of the socks is utterly great for a price of Php 120 or $2.58. If you also want to but too you can visit them on their Facebook page Here or Instagram page Here and they do ship worldwide.
And oh, it's not only for the ladies, men can wear it too. see?
Remember: Life is to short for plain white socks!

thanks for dropping by :D feel free to leave your thoughts and blog links.

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5 Sweet Thoughts

  1. My daughter Valentina loves printed and colorful sock... she even mix and matches them... they are really cute xox ♡

  2. how adorable are these
    keep in touch

  3. Lovely post dear! Have a great week! xx

  4. really nice socks!!


  5. You're so right, life is too short for plain socks aha
    Great post!:)