A Palatable Experience At Seda

June 30, 2016

Seda Atria hosted a press lunch to officially introduce its new Executive Sous Chef – Chef Shahab "Boo" Hesni. Me along with fellow bloggers and friends from  the media got to taste and enjoy his sumptuous masterpieces. Chef Boo also shared with us his fervor for culinary arts and scrumptious foods and It is his goal to make palatable dishes that are not only pleasing to the eyes, but also gratifying to the taste buds.

 For my part I love all the food and not to mention that the presentation of each meal is truly “instagram worthy” 

About Chef Boo
His passion for cooking was initially kindled at an early age, curious with his mother's colorful cookbooks and his grandmother's excellent taste in continental cuisine and being blessed with different roots and ethnicity, has opened his eyes to a world of flavors and exciting culinary ventures.

The culinary journey came during his years when the executive chef in one of the hotels he's working with here in Iloilo, introduced him the art of food tasting and interactions regarding menu development. That moment was the calling point for him to finally realize what he wanted to do as occupation and started focusing his love for food and passion for culinary.

The highlight of his career started when he landed in Rixos Bab Al Bahr, a prestigious 5 star hotel resort situated in UAE coastline facing the Persian gulf. Having been exposed to various international cuisine, It has given him significant opportunity to grow. Handling multiple outlets with different cuisine.

it wasn't until 2016 when he got reacquainted with some of his old collaegues in the culinary industry. This time, it was an offer to join Seda Hotels culinary team. 
The first on the menu is this Pochero Amuse Bouche Soup. 
 After that we get to eat this Tiger Prawn Salad with Season Garden and Guava Vinaigrette. It was light and refreshing.It has a natural richness of seafoods which was balanced by the sweet flavor of guava jelly.
for the  entrée we had this bacon wrapped chicken roulade with zucchini bed, rustic herbed mashed potato and mushroom soup. Each bite was a mixture of crispy combo of the chicken and bacon, the creamy taste of the melted cheese and the herby taste of the mashed potato
I'm a little bit full but I wouldn't let pass this White chocolate mousse with flambeed lakatan and salted caramel. And oh the belgian chocolates melting in your mouth yumyum 
Chef Boo truly offers a must try experience for food lovers. 

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7 Sweet Thoughts

  1. Oh gosh the food looks incredible!! Especially the dessert! Desserts are usually the ones to captivate me the most. Probably because of my massive sweet tooth haha
    thanks for sharing!

    ~Andrea Tiffany~

    1. thanks for dropping by Andrea. same here I love desserts since i too bakes :D

  2. This looks amazing! Beautiful photographs as well! The soup especially looks beautiful!
    Farah x

  3. everything looks amazing


  4. That food looks incredible. I want that dessert!


  5. The food looks like a work of art... you can tell a great deal of work goes into it xox