Spaghetti Cravings

February 16, 2016

Spaghetti will always be an all time classic favorite, I think it's here to stick around forever. (Indeed, there is forever!  hahaha) but seriously though, Spaghetti have been always in attendance at a Filipino's kid birthday party, although it's an Italian in derivation it had diversify to other countries and well Filipino's have totally embraced it. 

 Creamy pesto went down well last Saturday when we had our spaghetti/pasta tasting at  Spaghetti Cravings, a homegrown brand with a food kiosk concept that proffer varieties of Italian pastas/spaghetti with a Filipino twist! yay! They have at least 5 variants you can choose there is Creamy Pesto, Mom's Original Classic (Filipino Style Spaghetti), Tuna and Tomato & Eggplant, Puttanesca and Creamy Carbonara and all I can say is that the infusion of both styles made it more appetizing.

Spaghetti Cravings is located at SM Foodcourt SM City Iloilo and Second Level (near the foodcourt) of Robinson's Place Roxas... For more info do visit and liked their Facebook Page.
Photo Credits to : Debonaire Photography

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7 Sweet Thoughts

  1. yummy!!!!!!!!! I love spaghetti!!!!!!

  2. SUch a great idea to taste small portions of different pasta & sauces!

  3. Nana, how are you? It has been a little while since you blogged... xox

    I am a pasta lover, I love creamy and pesto... parmesan... oh yummy... It is off list for now, I need to get healthy and have more control before I treat myself in the future. I cannot see giving up pasta for life xox

  4. Really interesting post...thx for sharing! xx

  5. This place sounds amazing

  6. they all look yummy :)