Onecklace: Jewelries With Meaning

December 02, 2015

If you are looking for a unique, personalized and inspirational jewelries then Onecklace  is the best choice. Based in Jeruslaem Onecklace is an international jewelry manufacturer that deals exclusively with customized name jewelries.  

I am most likely the type of person who would invest on jewelries that has a consequential representation to me that is why I am always drawn to personalize and charm jewelries. You see there are certain jewelries that come and go but there will always be few trinkets that is for keepsake, those kind of jewelries that we wanted to hold on to forever. This isn't the first time that I get to own a jewelry from Onecklace in fact, I got my very first necklace from them last year. Oh, how I love that piece, I still have it until now! 

So this year though, its a little bit different  I wanted a necklace and a bracelet that is both a symbol and a reminder of what I am and what I shouldn't forget. So this is what I decided for the design:

Family is  important that is why I chose this beautifully crafted family bracelet. I love the crafted people with my family's initial on it. The first 2 "R's" are the name of my parents, "D' is for me, "V" and "C' are my sister's name. Designing this bracelet really brought tears to my eyes knowing that I'll only be wearing my father's name on my wrist after we've lost him last April. But it's also a reminder to never give up and fulfill what I have promised
And this 3 toned engraved necklace speaks for itself. I wanted something that will remind me of my Faith and that with God nothing is impossible, My Aspirations and Who I am and what I am working toward. Jewelries with meaning motivates us especially if we get caught in daily struggles and tend to forget what we're suppose to believe.

What is your favorite piece of jewelry?

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6 Sweet Thoughts

  1. beautiful jewelry.

  2. Nana, personalized jewelry is so nice, I would keep those items too xox

  3. the necklaces are beautiful,love the 3 ring one
    keep in touch

  4. such beautiful necklaces loved the three ring one the most
    keep in touch

  5. These pieces are indeed amazing!!


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