20 Things That Makes Me Happy (Nana)

December 07, 2015

Psychologists say that humans have the capacity to make their selves happy and by listing down the things we are blissful and grateful about and be reminded of it everyday can help boost our daily moods. Hi everyone I guess it's my turn to share the 20 things that makes me happy, although I can think of more than 20. But let's stick to the number that my sister Lala has started. hehehe so, below are the things that is making me happy.

1. The thought of getting unconditional Love from God
2. My Hana Doll
3. Baking
4. Writing blogs
5. My pet dogs
6. Taking pictures
7. Stamp collection
8. Reeses Chocolates
9. Meringue brownies
10. Getting Inked
11. Freebies
12. Traveling
13. Accomplishing bucket list
14.Supportive blogger friends
15. Sunset
16. Matcha Tea
17. Weekends
18. Road Trips
19. Listening to Harry Styles sing on repeat
20.Getting butterflies in my stomach 

What are the things that makes you happy? :D

Tribal Kimono : www.stylemoi.nu
DRess: H&M
Shoes: www.Oasap.com

Photo Credits To: Francis Melocoton and Joseph Granada

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8 Sweet Thoughts

  1. u look super duper pretty, love the kimono
    Keep in touch

  2. beautiful look
    We reached new post on my blog if you can, stop by

  3. This is such a wonderful look!! love it.


  4. Nana, I love your happy list, it is always good to write them down to remind ourselves of the good things in our lives... I have a few that are the same as yours... like traveling and supportive blogging friends to name a few xox

  5. adorable look!
    What makes me happy? Well, my cats and definitely chocolate! :)


  6. My list is surely very similar to yours! Traveling definitely makes me very, very happy & I so wish I could do it more!
    Interesting blog post!

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