Top 20 Must Try Japanese Foods and Snacks

October 05, 2015

When you travel to other places you just don't explore the place, learn the culture and have a glimpse of the past. But part of it is the possibility of tasting the country's culinary cultures. Japan is rich in glorious food not just with sushi and bento but it boasts with  an enormous selection of food and not to mention the exquisite art that goes along with their cooking.   

I am no stranger to Japanese foods I had my first taste of the Nori when I was 8 yrs. old. Having an aunt residing in Japan we are blessed to have experienced Japan's culinary culture. But to finally be here in Japan and enjoy more of their foods at the end of my chopsticks further gave me a deeper appreciation of the country that is very dear to my heart. I guess the preeminent about travelling is of course  all the Food you get to eat. I, on the other hand, had gained much weight already hahaha but before I succumb to my gym guilt here are the top Japanese food I could recommend to you when you're planning to visit japan.

1. Gyoza - My favorite! when I first arrived here in Japan we had lunch at Ohsho and gyoza is  one of their top served food.  It was my first taste of it and It immediately became my favorite. Gyoza is fried dumpling filled with ground meat and vegetables and it is wrapped in thin dough. 
2. Ramen -One of the most popular dishes in Japan. I am not really a roaming person, but I suggest that one should have a taste of it when you're in Japan. It actually comes in different varieties depending on your preferred soup base, noodles and toppings.  
4. Chicken Karaage - Japanese version of the fried Chicken and I swear this is not your typical fried chicken because this one taste sooooo good it's so addicting!
5. Tenshinhan - nope this isn't the Dragon Ball character hahah but rather this is one of the popular dishes in Japan. Tenshinshan is a crab meat omelette on rice covered in thick sweet sauce
6.Tamagoyaki - oh anyone can cook this even at home but still it's different when your're in Japan. Tamagoyaki is also a Japanese omelette where eggs are rolled in several layers you can put combine it rice vinegar or soy sauce.
7. Sashimi - not a stranger to the world. Sashimi consist of raw meat or fish thinly sliced. To be honest though I am very hesitant eating this  because its raw.
8. Taiyaki - this is delicious!!!! it is a Japanese fish shape cake. You can choose it's filling from red bean, custard, sweet potato, cheese or chocolate. Red bean is the best and Taiyaki is best eaten when hot. 
9. Matcha Ice Cream - ahhhh Japan is a sweet haven for matcha lover! you can find and have matcha everywhere! All sorts of matcha from drinks to candies to ice cream. Matcha soft ice cream is the best.
10.Nabe - is a hot pot made up of  meat, vegetables and mushrooms with special soy sauce. Tofu is my favorite ingredient here, although it's a little bit hard to fish a tofu using chopsticks hahah imagine the struggle if you are not a Japanese and not use in using chopsticks. 
11.Yakiniku -  The best of the best! the meat are so tender! and grilling it yourself at your own table adds to the fun. Yakiniku is like a barbeque with really delicious sauce and it includes all sorts of meat.
12. Sweet Potato Ice Cream - had a taste of this when we went to see Osaka Castle. I've eaten a lot of ice cream but never a sweet potato flavored  ice cream. And I was not disappointed, although the taste seems so foreign to me but I find it really delicious.
13. Shabu Shabu - Is like the nab only that it features a more thinly sliced meat that you can deep  on boiled water for seconds. I swear I was so amazed of this when we first had this in Amagasaki. Dip the meat for a second and boom, it's cooked. don't believe me? you can check the video below 

14. Daifuku - is also one of Japan's confection more like the mochi below only with fillings.
15. Mochi - a Japanese rice cake glutinous rice. It's veryyyyy sticky so I think it's not for the people who wear dentures.
16. Takoyaki - a ball shaped snack with different fillings like meat, and seasoned with different vegetable toppings and sauce.
17. Bickkle - A Japanese yoghurt- drink. You can always find this in any vending machine. Wat I love about this is the tangy taste and it kinda reminds me my childhood favorite - Yakult.
18. Meiji Chocolates -  ahhhhh for the love of chocolates!!! I think Meiji is one the most popular Japanese chocolates because it's not only yummy but it's very cheap.
19. Onigiri -  I made this one  and I know that Onigiri is suppose to be bite size but mine was giant hahah I guess it's more of a Filipino size. Onigiri or rice ball made with Japanese rice combined with furikake and wrapped in Nori. You can always find this in convenient stores or better yet you can experiment making it at home.
20. Omorice - the idea of ketchup combined with egg and rice, I find this food really weird. But tasting it is not really bad at all.

What's your favorite travel moment?

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5 Sweet Thoughts

  1. Nana... I really like the look of Gyoza and Matcha Ice cream... it sounds like you really enjoyed all your time in Japan... there are some wonderful sites there xox

  2. You post made me hungry! It looks like something I'd love to eat all day, plus some of the dishes I know already)


  3. Such a great read and something I will definitely keep in mind when I visit Japan next year!
    Eeee, cannot wait :)

  4. Thanks everyone for the kind word and for the visit =) i'll be checking each of your blogs too.

  5. all these food looks real tempting.. i wish i can go on a vacation to japan..still waiting for who will take me

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