Looking Beyond Disappointments

October 06, 2015

This  shot was taken at Zugaike Park it was warm that day so I ended up wearing this rather casual outfit. I enjoy visiting parks because it gives me the sense of peacefulness and I am able to think clearly. 
When I first came here in Japan everything was a rush because I only have a month to explore everything and knowing how time fleets, 1 month is not enough for me. But right now I am happy I finally get to sit and write a post, and oh, by the way, hope you could drop by on my travel blog since I've already put up some of my travel escapades here in Japan - www.nanatraveldiary.blogspot.com  but for now I'll be taking some time to write something more journal like. I love writing post like that and I think it was quite a while since I post something like that. 

Hope, I'll be able to finish the post since I'll be out strolling again in a few hours just trying to enjoy my last remaining days here sniff sniff. 

Walking around the park made me realize a lot of things. I've forever been an optimistic soul, but there are times when failures and disappointments get hold of me that I sometimes tend to forget how to be positive and when that happens everything about life seems so slow, doubtful and a puff. But you know looking beyond disappointments is easy if you cognize how to surrender your thoughts. See the positive from the disappointment. That is what I always tell myself. I constantly tell myself that everything occurs for a reason. Some reasons we can't understand yet, but definitely we would when the right time comes. I always keep a planner where I also keep all my thoughts and prayers. And you know it's always nice to write a letter to God. When I first started doing it I felt so much relief, so I suggest you do the same. There is nothing more powerful form of reprieve than communicating with God.  Agree?

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11 Sweet Thoughts

  1. i love the way you paired up your outfit.. lovely post...have a great week
    Glowyshoes's blog

  2. Nana, I didn't realize you went to Japan for a month... that is so amazing. I bet you have lots of stories to share with us. Enjoy your last few days
    I'm sure you'll get to go back again ♡♡♡

  3. Super jealous of you right now. I want to visit Japan so freaking bad. Love your outfit girl!
    Qing's Style

  4. fun shorts


  5. Wow...it look super amazing...thx for sharing honey...:-)

  6. u look chic, i love the headband

  7. You look so amazing!