Kinkaku-ji - The Golden Pavilion

October 02, 2015

I've forever been enchanted with Japan, In fact it's on my top Travel Bucket List.  It's just that there is something with Japan that I honestly can't fathom why the country is really close to my heart.  Sometimes I told myself that perhaps I was a Japanese in my old life hahaha or maybe it's simply that there is something with Japanese culture that truly fascinates me. 
To finally travel here is an ultimate dream come true!.The truth is I never expected everything,  knowing the Japan is very rigid when it comes to approval and giving of visas. When I finally got mine I was ecstatic, that a week after a got my visa I flew to Japan. So here I am now enjoying everything Japan has to offer and for sure I have lots of post on cue about this amazing country!

I'm gonna debut my Japan adventure with my travel to Kyoto. The city that anyone could fall in love with. Kyoto is a little bit far from where I am staying but I wouldn't dare let the opportunity pass by by not going to this place. You see Kyoto is a memento of the ancient Japan, in there you will have a glimpse of  what life was like before with its old structures, shrines, temples and lush forest that  is truly enchanting.

Kinkaku-ji also known as The Golden Pavilion is  one of Japan's best temple located in northwest Japan. In fact it is included in the UNESCO World Heritage. The golden pavilion was built in 1397 by a powerful statesman and when the  owner died the place was converted into a zen temple.The garden and buildings , centered on the golden pavilion were said to represent the pure land of Buddha in the world. Gold foil covers the upper two levels and a shining phoenix stands on top of the shingled roof.
What I love about the place is how serene it is, walking along the path filled with lush trees is fulfilling to the soul. I mean if you are someone who is in need of a place  to relax and be connected with nature this is the place to be.
One of a kind entrance ticket! a cute souvenir too. 
You can write your wishes in this wooden wishes card. It's so cute right?
beautifully engraved roofs

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7 Sweet Thoughts

  1. Nana I'm thrilled you were able to travel to Japan... that is so wonderful. I know the feeling of wanting to see one place the most, the country I want to see is Portugal... one day I'll get there ♡ xox

  2. Che bello, un sogno per me!

  3. great post and photos:) Kisses! :)

  4. Great pictures! Sure I would like to support each other I'm following you already, now it's your turn ;-)

  5. Hi, Nana. Thank you for visiting my site! You have a beautiful and well-designed blog. Your stories are also engaging and your photos are awesome. Japan seemed really enchanting when I read this piece.

    Continue writing great stories! More power to you.

    Ivan Jose

  6. Hi Nana, no need to post this comment but I have already followed your blog. =) Thank you!