Ohayo Japan

September 18, 2015

Hello Lovelies, I finally got the time to blog an outfit post and yes If you've been following me on Instagram you'll know that I am finally here in Japan. I came here last September 13. I must say that my flight was really tiring but it was all worth it, especially that I'm finally here at one place that I've always been dreaming to visit. I am not disappointed Japan is a dream! An icon of perfection. I'll be talking more and sharing more pictures of my experience here on my travel blog www.nanatraveldiary.blogspot.com so I hope that if you'll get the chance you'll take a minute to visit it.

But for now I'll talk more about my outfit. I usually brought comfy clothes with me clothes I can wear for both hot or cold weather since September is  usually the typhoon season here in Japan. On day two my niece took me to Midorigaoka Park.If you're the kind of person who enjoys walking along serene places, then this is the place to be. 

Anyways, I wore a casual outfit because parks mean lengthy walks hahaha denims is always a choice of mine so i'm glad I bought this distress shorts from www.stylemoi.nu I've actually been eyeing it for months already glad It arrived before I left for Japan. One thing I admire about style moi because of their fast shipment. You should check them out if you are the urban type chic since they always offer one of a kind pieces. I honestly love stylemoi because of the quality of the products, your money is worth it.

How about you?  what is your favorite stroll in the park outfit?

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7 Sweet Thoughts

  1. Looking so gorgeous! Very cool shirt and your legs are beautiful and sexy! Enjoyed picture three especially :) Wow!! xoxo

    All Things Bright and Lovely

  2. Nana... I like wearing a relaxed outfit when I am walking any distance... it helps me to enjoy the trip more... you look like you are having so much fun xox

  3. Hi, thx for the comment in my blog now i´following your :)
    Fantastic look love the sunnies and the t-shirt.


  4. Great post!! It's a beautiful and modern look. A lot of thanks for visit my blog. I follow you, I will be happy if you follow muy blog. Kisses. Do you have twitter? I will like follow you in twitter @quevidamqsfacil. Kisses