My Someday Has Come

September 06, 2015

We all have those lists that we hope to accomplish someday. Wishes that we vow ourselves that we will do. "Someday" that word we are all familiar with. I have kept my someday list for quite a long time already. I have things that I wanted to accomplish, places that I wanted to get to. I may have gone past the suppose to be timeline for those lists, but I am nonetheless thankful that I have executed each of it already. I've been to Thailand, Got a tattoo, open a cupcake business and In a few days I'll be flying to my ultimate dream destination. I ever expected to receive such blessing this year. Indeed, God's timing is always perfect. We just have to believe and have the faith that our dreams will come true. Only God knows what is best for us. I am elated and I feel so blessed!

For today's outfit it's about comfort, you know I've always been vocal about my love for play suit and rompers. It's the versatility of this style that makes me choose it always. I got this floral play suit from and I'll say that I'll consider as my new favorite. It's one of those clothes that you can wear during emergency days when you are having trouble choosing what to wear. In case you are not familiar with Twinkle deals it's an online apparel store that is keen with the latest fashion trends. They offer Free Shipping world wide. 

I also got the cute butterfly rhinestone ornamented watch from them. isn't it cute?
Romper: Here watch: Here Sandals: here Bag: Local Thailand Store

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4 Sweet Thoughts

  1. Love your playsuit girl <3
    looking gorgeous <3 <3
    Blue Velvet Addict

  2. You look pretty in your romper Nana xox

    I am super excited to hear where you are going in the next few days... this sounds awesome girl ♡♡♡