August 24, 2015

Hi, how's everyone's been doing?  I am so glad that I can finally blog an outfit post. I am grateful to my photographer friend Joseph who took the time to take outfit shots of me. Oh! You should check his tumblr page at he has tremendously amazing collections of snapshots. 

Anyway, we took these shots early in the morning for a dramatic sunrise effect. This outfit is more of a soft grunge, something I am use to dressed in.
What do you think?

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9 Sweet Thoughts

  1. cool outfit! love you lip color <3

  2. You look great girl! I love how you styled this chic and simple outfit with those shoes

    Style..A Pastiche! - New Post - Yoga

  3. rocken outfit

  4. Amazing photos, I am blown away, and the outfit is really great, love it :)

  5. This is a great grunge look taken on the morning light... nice look xox

  6. totally love the rocker chic style on you

  7. love the edgy look :)