Skin Vitality Soap Review

August 11, 2015

Having beautiful skin is important to me, I want to touch it and have them be smooth. Because, let's just admit nobody want's to feel poorly about self image and our skin is the very first thing that people would notice, it also projects how you take care of yourself. 

But In my case who has a sensitive skin, it's kinda hard  to find the perfect beauty products to use. I have to be extra careful because a wrong product will trigger skin allergies. I remember that one time when my mom got me this whitening lotion and I ended up with an allergic contact dermatitis. Imagine me having to endure the itching and stinging sensation for weeks and not to mention my skin really looks awful. From then on I've been using the same products my Doctor advised me to use and it's a bit pricey. 

But recently I discovered this whitening soap from Skin Vitality and I am pleased to have found a new skin best friend. At first, I am very hesitant because I might have an allergic reaction again, but it promised to be a 100% organic, natural and safe to use. My skin did not flake like other whitening soap which is a good sign because it means that is it not drying my skin away.

Skin Vitality is an online store that offers beauty products like whitening soaps, lotions and other beauty creams at a very affordable prices. 

What I'm currently using from them is these two soaps:

1. Glutathione Skin whitening soap with Grape seed extract it's exfoliative action of the combined ingredients reduce skin pigmentation. 

2. Kojic Soap - a controversial bleaching agent. Kojic Soap helps  lighten dark spots due to acne, age spots, freckles and sun damaged skin. Contains:VCO, Glycerine, Papaya extract, Kojic extract, Aloe vera 

Don't forget to check Skin Vitality you can also follow them on Instagram @skin_vitality

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    I hope everything is going well ♡

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