Life Begins at 30

August 14, 2015

Hello everyone, it's been a while since I last posted an outfit post. Why? Because I have been busy with my recently opened online cupcake business yep,  I do bake and that's how I spend most of my little free time - baking. I seriously don't know how on earth did I ever decide to have an addition to my always busy schedule, but since cupcake business is included in my bucket list and I just recently celebrated my 31st birthday I found myself in the pulse of ticking everything off from the list. 

It's When you hit the  30 phases that you begin to really contemplate about your life and how you have been doing  the past years. It's like waking up one morning and you try to cipher out all the years that went by. I guess Life does begin at 30, In your 20's you feel like you have a full life ahead and you enjoy every moment without really giving cares about the future, but when you are 30 you begin to deem that life is fleeting hahaha. 
 I can never be happier than the thought of how God has worked everything out in my life recently. I use to question all the failures, all the not so good thing that has happened to me before, but now, it's all clear to me.  Indeed, everything will fall into place in God's own time. Because God's timing is always perfect.

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9 Sweet Thoughts

  1. Yes! This post is amazing. I'm turning 30 in February and I can't wait. I love being older. I feel more confident in myself than I ever have. I'm sure you feel the same way...because it really does seem like life gets better with age.

    You look fabulous in this dress. That last picture of you is gorgeous!

    xo Azu

  2. Congrats on your shop.

  3. you opened a cupcake business? that's awesome!!
    gorgeous ouftit

  4. Great dress I love it :)

  5. Happy weekend!
    Maybe we could affiliate? <3
    Follow me = follow back

    modellabella blog NEW POST

  6. Nana, your outfit is cute... I've been wondering what you've been up to. I hope you do well with you cupcake business. ♡ xox

    I need to remember more that everything in Heavenly fathers time, I get pretty impatient...

  7. gorgeous! didn't know you're 30. You look younger than your age.

  8. Owwww lovely dress <3
    i love your style*-*