Cafe Iloilo

August 27, 2015

For now I have to take a break from my Thailand post to give way to my Philippine post as I've noticed that my Philippine category is still empty hahahah. I've traveled in some places in the Philippines before but, that was years ago before I came across the word "blogging". But I really wish to go back to those places once again. Perhaps one of these days if my hectic schedule would allow.

Part of this blog, I'll mainly talk about food. Yes, my sis and I were constantly on the look out for gourmet destination. In fact, we have notebooks with us, we labeled as "Gourmet Bucket List"  So It's like I have my travel lists and I also have my Gourmet bucket lists.
The first place that I get to share is this cafe-resto called Cafe Iloilo it is situated  at La Fiesta Hotel, M.H del Pilar St. Molo
My cousins  and I had our dinner at this posh cafe resto and I can say that I love the place, The food is really good, the service crew are very accommodating and friendly. 
This chalk printed wall is just right for a one of kind OOTD shot hahaha Just excuse my haggard face but I wouldn't let it pass.
This is my favorite among the foods that we ordered it's called "rellenong Talong" or  stuffed eggplant but, this one is a mash version that looks more like a eggplant sisig to me. But it taste really good!
This one is a Chicken pesto pasta only ate a very small portion of this since I am not really a pasta person hahha
Molo Soup is a soup dish composed of  pork meat wrapped in wonton wrapper,  shrimps, chicken meat and etc. 
I ordered for this one.. yeah, I'm trying to be healthy at least hahha this is a mango chicken organic salad.  I enjoy the taste and It's not heavy on the stomach. 
I'll definitely gonna visit this place again ;) 
thanks for dropping by =)

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3 Sweet Thoughts

  1. Yummy! Everything looks delicious, especially the rellenong Talong, I've never tried it but it sounds amazing!

  2. Nana... I look forward to reading about your fabulous trip to Japan... I am sure it was a wonderful experience xox

  3. omg the food looks so good!