The Simple Joy of Travel

March 24, 2015

After all my adventures in Thailand, I'm finally back in the Philippines and getting some rest, I'm trying to catch up with all those late night sleeps I had there It was tiring but definitely worth it.

So right now I am segregating my post between my outfits and travel. I still had so many stuffs to share with you about my adventure so I hope you won't get tired visiting my blog =) 

I opted for a casual summer laid back outfit during my Ayutthaya  Kingdom trip, although it was very, very hot that day, It was a magical place so serene, so calm. Hence this inspired me to write this post. Travelling entails you to learn the world and yourself as well. The joy of new experience is the most wonderful thing you get to earn from travelling the world.

You see, while I spent my entire day visiting one temple after another in Ayutthaya, it made me understand that despite the fact that I have come a long way, I have missed a lot of life's precious offer and that is - to live a real life. You know what I mean. We are all living in a very fast paced world, it's like we are chasing pavements every day. How many of us ever stopped a minute in a day to admire the sunshine, or walk slowly down the pavement to enjoy the breeze and smell the flowers? 

There is no doubt that my life has become the axiomatic horse race where I kept moving forward at a frantic speed trying to finish what I need to finish, but little did I feel fulfilled because at the end of the day I feel drained and I felt something is still missing. So while I was wandering around the temples I enjoy the stillness, the blue skies, the hidden stories on the wall waiting to be uncovered, I was able to breath so deep and I never felt so good. It made me realized that this is what I need. A time to wander off, to be lost, a time to be still, a time to breath freely, a time where there are no busy schedules messing my mind. A time on my own.  
What country do you wish to travel to? 

Top and Wide Leg Pants: from Local Thai Store
Shades: Sunnies Studios
Bag: Guess
Hat: Oasap

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13 Sweet Thoughts

  1. it's my dream to go to thailand one day! these photos are beautiful and your outfit is so cute :)

  2. wow, that place is stunning.
    I would love to visit Thailand too!

    Ms. Kei

  3. Wow ate, para kang doll na nilagay sa background! Looking forward to more of your travels!


  4. Very cool sunnies Nana! Love your style! ;)

  5. so lovely NAna! I love your tattoo too! :)) I can't wait to read your travel adventure in Thailand! :)) Stay Gorge!

    Rica |

  6. Cool outfit! You should have told me you were still in Thailand :D

  7. thats such a cute top, you look just amazing
    Keep in touch

  8. Nana... I am so happy you learned more about yourself from this trip... I can't wait to hear more about your travels... I do think you are right, we all need to slow down and stop running to complete everything... I may not be able to travel for a while but I am going to take some of that quiet time in my own city this year and just act like a tourist on my own... xox

    I like your long skirt and it looks so cute with the short crop top... I am happy for you... I can't wait to see where you plan to go next <3

  9. The images of those location amazing you look stunning. Hope you had a blast make sure you rest.

  10. Amazing pics :) very cool outfit!


  11. Hello dear! Amazing images from Thailand!

  12. u are lovely, love that tattoo,n ur outfit .
    New Post on my blog, do drop by soon ,<3