Not All Who Wander Is Lost

March 25, 2015

Hello everyone my name is Nana from the Philippines and welcome to my virtual travel journal. Before anything else, I first want to make this preliminary post so I could further site the purpose of creating this new blog. Yep! Yep! I am not new in the blogging Industry, I've actually been blogging for the past 2 and a half years, But I wanted to maintain my other blog A Not So Secret Life as it was, and that is a blog that  discourses on  fashion and other style related bits and pieces alone.  This morning as I was about to draft my travel post from my thailand adventure I kinda stop and contemplate for awhile. 

Maybe some of you would disagree but for me I feel like If I add a new category on my blog it will be confusing and messy. Having to compose  travel post and then outfit posts. I mean geezzz Incorporating this two categotries  will totally lose the quintessence of my blog. 

So, therefore ladies and gents  here I am wandering on the other side of the blogging world and hence the birth of this new travel blog,  but hey I've added my Fashion blog on the page bar above in case you wanted to check it out ahhhhhhhhh feel free to do so. (wink) 

As I was saying this blog will talk about my adventures and wanderlust. I guess all of us desires to travel, to wander, to experience new things from new places. We all have that itch to pack our bags and maybe catch a plane to a place we really dreamed to go. Uurrg!!! if only travelling is free you will not see me idling in one place. Nevertheless, I wish I could teleport from one place to another just like David Rice from the movie Jumper. I'll probably be sitting on top of an Egyptian Pyramid watching the sunset. Isn't it cool? 

So Let's be silly now - If you got one chance to teleport from 5 places what would it be and why? Go go go leave your thoughts and blog links on the comment box below.......

And remember Not All Who Wander Is Lost!

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2 Sweet Thoughts

  1. Nana... I would first choose Portugal then Spain, Italy, Australia and oddly enough British Columbia in Canada... I have so many places I want to see, I just have to get to any of these places and I don't think I will have issues with places to stay, it is the cost of getting there... I will be saving a little at a time xox

    1. I Know in time you can Travel too Launna but for the mean time we have to stick to the plan of - Travellers in our own city.. it's gonna be fun. can't wait to do that too =)