Life Worthy Knowledge I learned from Blogging

March 28, 2015

A blogger's life is never easy, it's not just an ambitious girl sitting in front of her computer, clicking on the keyboard and exposing her musings,rants and inner turmoils to cyberspace. It's more than that, because we are not only giving the world access to our angts but we are also giving the world instant access to who we are, what we are and the life we are living and leading.

 Maybe some of you may say that "why waste time? we are not really intrested with how you live your life or what you are about to say" True enough, I may not be considered as one those super successful bloggers in terms of fame. I must admit there are countless times that I wanted to quit but then again I would  recount on the reasons why I started blogging in the first place and the things I have gained from the past 2 years and a half - that gives me the dynamism to continue. 

Becoming a blogger was not included in my plan in fact the word "Blogger" was a foreign word to me 2 years and half back, but out of curiosity and  inspired by all the lovely people from Chictopia I started my own, and through the years my blog changed me. The blogosphere became my virtual mentor, my blog became my virtual frenemy. A very challenging strict disciplanarian, frenemy and teacher. I have learned life worthy skills and knowledge that I can not only employ on my blogging career but on my everyday life as well.

So what are these Life worthy Things I gained from blogging?

1. Blogging Taught Me that Thick Faces Are most Likely to Succeed = Networking is Probably the most important part of the blogging career. We need to reach out because blog needs traffic, we want to inpire people, we need readers, we need thoughts, we need suggestions. And we can't obtain leverage if we are to shy to interact with other people so I am not ashamed to admit, that by now I am really thick face hahaha.  
2. Blogging taught me to become a polymath = speaking of multi tasking. We bloggers are well, not just virtual space writers but we are masters to none, in other words we are our own Editor, Photographer, model, Creative Director, Designer, Artist, Marketer, Web designers, Business Managers, Accountants, Sales Director and the list goes on and on. And I have learned all the tricks and trade of the mentioned above because of blogging. I have to learn and master the tricks of Photoshop and photography in order to have better pictures and blog lay- outs. I have to understand how HTMLs and CSS works in order to become a better web designer, I have to snoop around the business world in order to promote my blog better in terms of sales and marketing and so on.
3. Blogging taught me the importance of being patient in saving funds - It ain't a secret that aside from getting free stuffs, Bloggers can monetized from their blog too. And if your blog is already prominent you can even earn a whooping 5 digits $ from advertising banners, affiliate sales and sponosored posts. And the catch is you can left all this money untouch until it's enough to retract. Paypal is a better virtual piggy bank than the usual passbook and atms because you will be force to wait until your money grows, in other words you won't get tempted withdrawing it from time to time. 
4. Blogging taught me that blogging is never a waste of time -  No matter what they say, we bloggers will never agree that blogging is a waste of time. It never is and it will never will. You don't consider something that educates you and earn something from a waste of time, right?. Honestly, aside from not buying clothes anymore,  I've earned from my blog enough to buy me  a ticket for my recent International travel. So yes, my recent Trip to Thailand is courtesy of my blog funds, that's why I would totally disagree that blogging is a waste of time. 
5. Blogging taught me to try and try until you succeed - My bipolar relationship with my blog the past years is really immense. I would hate it when things would never turn the way I want it to be and swore I would never push through,  however once the emotional frets subside I would find myself crawling back to it and try again to make it work. 
and last but not the least
6. Blogging taught me that you can find genuine friendship from across the globe - and you don't have to see each other face to face to cultivate such friendship. I've known a lot of people from across the globe, learned from them and Inspired by their stories. The truth is that you will sometimes never appreciate your own journey unless you hear someone's life story then from there you will embrace your own walk. I am very grateful that I have come to know strong, inspiring and independent women who shares the same passion as I do. The friendship that they have granted me is beyond words.  That's why thank you my sisters Christine of Beyoutiful Hope, Launna of Letters Of Launna, Casssie of Cassie Thriftier for the unending support and friendship.

So there you have it lovelies sorry for the super long content. I get carried away sometimes hahha... I wanna know what you guys learn too. So, tell me  What are your life worthy lessons gained from blogging? leave your thoughts and blog links on the comment box below =)

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12 Sweet Thoughts

  1. i couldn't agree more! keep it up Nana!


  2. I agree a lot with your post so much! Blogging taught me a lot of things and I made a lot of great blogger friends! Blogging made me brighter! It's nice how I can share my own passion with others and talk about it with them :)
    But it's true that you need to spend a lot of time online lol

    Jenny <3

  3. Nana, thank you for mentioning me in your post... I have been so happy to see you realizing so many of your dreams with getting a tattoo... keeping fit and traveling... I really look forward to seeing where you continue to go ;)

    I am very thankful to have met you through blogging too and I am happy that even though you thought it wasn't for you that continued blogging... it really is a great way to meet and know people throughout the world xox

  4. Very nice post, you look funny and you say interesting things. Launna is lovely. xoxo

  5. I sent you wrong the link of my giveaway, if you want to enter:

  6. I LOVE this post! I totally understand :) Sometimes is hard because at the beginning you don't see results, but at the end everything is about hard work :)

  7. I love this post, I really do. It makes me appreciate my blogging so much more

    check out my newest post

  8. I love your transparency in this post. For me, blogging is a creative outlet, I'm learning a lot and happy about it. Love your blue shorts.

  9. Wahoo I can totally identify myself to what you wrote, such a good motivation dear!
    Thank you so much for visiting my blog :)

    See you xx

  10. Great post! I agree with everything! :)