5 Secret Facts About Me (Part 1)

March 04, 2015

Some people may think that I am very reserved. Partially true, I think there are just about things that I am not comfortable being transparent, especially if it’s close to sharing personal tidbits. I can be very open and vocal, but only  to people who are very close to me, although there are circumstances that I would rather keep my predicaments to myself. 

But a few days back, I was contemplating about adding a zing to my blog by adding the Journal category wherein I will be sharing some of my deepest thoughts and a modest bit of me hahaha I guess that’s what being a personal blogger is to share a part of yourself to the world. So, to start it off, here are the first 
5 secret facts about me:  

1. Sometimes I'm a loner - There are days that I prefer to be alone. And I get stress when i get interrupted.
2. I'm a Somniphobic -  yes, at my age, I still share bed with my little sister because I have this irrational fear of sleeping alone. 
3. I have problems with "Taming your anger and be stress free" - the thing is that I'm a perfectionist when it comes to work and when things are not done according on my expectations that's when the problem seeps in. But I'm really trying  hard to manage that by finding more meaningful ways to divert my attention when I'm about to throw another fit of tantrums.
4. I have to drag my self literally to go to the gym everyday -  my biggest insecurity is my flabby tummy I have to work extra hard to melt the flabs down. But most of the times I would skip gym and feel guilty afterward.
5. My pet peeve is people who literally asked me why I got myself a tattoo - I see nothing wrong about it. So please stop giving me that "are you kidding me look" and stop judging me.

So that's the first 5 secret facts about me. I'll be sharing more secrets about me soon hahaha.

For the look Yay! i'm wearing pants hahaha I love wearing distress pants so when I got this from www.Stylemoi.nu I was all grin from ear to ear!  I don for a more streetstyle laid back look on this one. As I've said on my previous stylemoi review the sell clothes that screams Urban so if your that kind of chic who prefers that style besure to check them out.

Low Rise Boyfriend Jeans With Extreme Rips : Stylemoi

Shoes: Oasap
Bag: K-Swiss 
Sunglasses: Snnies Studios

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11 Sweet Thoughts

  1. 4... I totally understand you lol :)


  2. Love the way you matched those gorgeous shoes with jeans!
    The same about the gym here! :)

    visit me soon on

  3. These shoes are stunning!!!!! WOW!!

    xoxo Colli // tobeyoutiful

  4. your ripped jeans are so cool :)
    Keep in touch

  5. Nana... thank you for sharing... guess what, there are very few of us that get up and say yay, I am going to the gym... or doing some form of exercise... it is a daily battle for most of us... I can't imagine you have a flabby anything but I think that it is great that you want to work on keeping your body in a great shape.

    As for the tattoo... who cares what anyone else thinks... I never wanted one for many years but never judged others who did... I do now want a small one... I am just waiting on finances, hopefully by April... not many people will see it, I am getting it for me...I think yours is really pretty... I didn't want one because of the pain, I am picking a fleshy place to get one lol... xox

    I look forward to reading more xox

  6. Love ur jeans..btw I am a somniphobic too!

    Check out my new post Here!!!

  7. I don't think that asking why you got tattoo is necessarily judging. I ask people why they have particular tattoos out of curiosity! Plus, it's interesting to hear different meanings and stories. :)


  8. I guess we have number one in common! Sometimes, I like being alone in my room, while I listen to music.

  9. Nice heels :)''