Changed Perspective

February 23, 2015

Finally, I am in the mood to finish this blog post, got myself a break from all the work hurdles and finally lounging on a breezy, sunny Wednesday afternoon. The beautiful panorama - the blue sky, the dancing, swaying of the tree branches, the warm heat of the sun made me realize that a "Me Time"  a quiet moment and  away from the busy circle is all I need to get my thoughts back on track.  

I must acknowledge that I'm a slacker lately and stressing over unnecessary things that causes me insomnia for successive nights.   It was on the verge of loosing my inner peace when I realize that I have to wake up  and get out from this emotional and mental trap. This isn't what I aim my 2015 to be. So, this morning I took my 2015 planner and review all my plans and goals. 

The goal is  to strictly focus and avoid distractions and barriers. I can't always control the things that's gonna happen in a day, but I have a choice to continue to brood over it or have a changed perspective. 

This look is inspired by Kendall Jenner and again a change perspective from my usual fashion interest. Although I'm a huge fan of play suits and rompers, jumpsuits are my least favorites because again, it's a trouser hahaha but this Stylish Lace Contrast Jumpsuit  from is an exception because when I saw it, it reminded me of Kendall Jenner's look - my favorite so far and so Here I am channeling her look.  To add a dash of sexiness and sleekness to it. I pair it with this Leaves Vamp Peeptoe Heels and Wild Piping Statement Necklace all and still from Oasap. 

So what do you think of my new look? hahaha

Wisdom is seeing things from God's perspective

Oasap clearance sale up to 80% be sure to check it out =)

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12 Sweet Thoughts

  1. I love the shirt Nana... it looks great on you, very pretty xox

    You have a great outlook on change, I too have been dealing with a few things but I realize I need to make some more changes again and it is always good to be reminded... keep on that path for 2015 and beyond, I can't wait to see your first trip xox

  2. The outfit is perfect for a nigh out ;)
    Sandals simply stunning!

    Already following you from GF :)
    Greets from Greece!

  3. Love the stylish look! Gorgeous. I already follow you, Nana.

  4. Your shoes are LOVE!!! I lovin it :) i follow u on GFC, follow back?


  5. I love this outfit! I really like the shirt and the shoes look really cool. Thanks for visiting my blog and for your comment. Yes, we can follow each other. I'm following you on GFC. :)

    Pumpkin Emily Smiles

  6. i love OASAP too! the pants look great on you~
    i also slack in my blog but im glad you manage to catch up with it nw

  7. Love this look! Would love to follow each other, I just added you to me feed! Let me know if you have bloglovin,


  8. Great outfit and they look awesome !!
    I would be delighted if we could follow each other. Let me know !!!

  9. hello thanks for your comment on my blog ! following you now, please follow mine too :D
    great blog, and your shoes OMG <3