Today I Will Begin Again

January 12, 2015

I am guilty of making assumptions that this brand new year will be just like the old year. I failed to contemplate that last year brought many changes in my life and in various ways it changed me. So today I will begin again. I know myself more than anybody else does and in my heart I know I can make magic happen. Someone once told me that I have an indomitable spirit so I shouldn't be afraid to reach for my dreams. True enough all I have to do is to take every chance seriously and I'll be larger than life. Things will pass and the pains and suffering I am feeling right now - this too shall pass. As a famous adage quoted "Have faith  that you can have the life you want to have by believing in yourself and making it happen."  It's a comforting sentiment isn't it?

Today's dress is courtesy of an inviting scoop-neckline and with a knotted twist near the hips for a dramatic effect. This dress is stretchy so I suggest to choose size smaller than your usual body size. If you are size Medium then I suggest go for size Small, but over all I give this dress a +10 because of it's versatility and comfort, I consider this as one of my emergency dresses. There 2 colors are available for this dress one is Blue and the other one is Gray

What do you think of my outfit today? =)

What I am Wearing: 
Dress: Oasap product Link Here
Shoes: Converse
Clutch bag: Romwe 
Heart Shaped Aviator: Borrowed from my sister

Now on sale from $43.30 it's now down to $27.71

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20 Sweet Thoughts

  1. I lvoe the details of that dress! Lovely that you wear sneakers with it :)

    xoxo Colli // my blog - tobeyoutiful

  2. thats a super cool dress and i like how you styled it
    Keep in touch

  3. Looking great deares! that dress and sunglasses looks so chic on you! mwah!

    love lots,

  4. Nana, this is a great colored and shape for a dress... it looks so lovely on you <3

    Yes, I agree, whatever you reach for you can attain if you work hard... It can happen xox

  5. Lovely dress..looks amazing on you :)

  6. With the new year brings new beginnings! Keep your head high and best wishes. (:

  7. love the are looking great..

  8. Cool outfit!

  9. The dress looks great on you~

  10. loving the dress and the tie at the front of it :D

  11. Ate, i-feel mo lang ang pain mawawala rin yan... Love na love kita <3
    P.s bkit hndi ka nag-code sa comment mo? haha, wala lang naalala ko lang. And I love the dress and the background too!

    all the best,
    Cassie Thriftier

  12. Awww, stay strong Donna!!! I am keeping your family in my prayers! Xoxo


  13. Love the dress and the sunglasses! <3