365 Days

January 04, 2015

Hello lovelies this post was scheduled last January 1, 2015, but unfortunately there was a twist on  my first plan, due to an inevitable event. The start of my year is not what I expected it to be but I am grateful to still be experiencing this new year. It's a new season of life and it promises new adventures and wonders.

 This year I am hoping to embark on more exciting and creative projects and adventures. And to further expand my horizons on both my personal life and blogging career.  Come with this is a tradition to jot down lists of your new year resolutions and goals. Mine is not really that long because I wanted to make it more realistic as I could. So here they are:

1. To sleep early - right now I am totally sleep deprived  because since last year  I've been sleeping very late. So,  I badly need to re-adjust my body clock.
2. Make it a habit to go to the gym
3. Open account for travel funds
4. Less stress and avoid being grouchy
5. More patient
6. Stronger Faith
7. Start a creative project
8. Take beautiful photos
9. Healthy lifestyle
and last but not the least
10. Happy thoughts for my father

This is my first outfit of the year It's a little bit chilly and I had rashes all over my legs so I decided to cover it up by this mock  2 piece - skirt and leggings from  www.oasap.com. What i love about this piece is the unique design, especially the wrap around fronting the waist. The skirt features a plaid pattern and irregular hemline while the leggings features a solid color. This comes in 3 different colors, red and black, red and gray and green and gray. Currently at $ 22 but you can get this for only  $15.40 with 30% off coupon Hello2015 

What I am wearing;
Top: Angel Needs Craft
Bottom: Oasap product link HERE

As we head to a new chapter let us try to carry the lessons we have learned on the previous years and let go of the burdens that kept hindering us to pursue our dreams. Let's all  have another amazing 365 days.

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16 Sweet Thoughts

  1. Lovely bucket list! I should add the number 1 to my own list :D Beautiful outfit!! Thank you so much for your lovely comment on my blog! Followin you dear <3

  2. You look good, dear! That outfit from oasap looks amazing! Gotta check 'em out! Do they have outfits for guys? Now following you via G+ and GFC btw.
    Fox my Style/ Bloglovin / Facebook/
    Let us stay connected. xo

  3. Love this outfit, amazing hat and the sneakers! Kisses, Anja

    http://vivalafashiondiva.blogspot.com/ follow for follow :)

  4. Those tights look amazing!

    Check out my new post Here!!!

  5. nice list ! and pics !


  6. Nana... I do hope your father will be okay... I will add him to my prayer list... I have many of the same things you want to do, let's just keep encouraging each other, we can do this, we can make these changes and have the life we desire... xox

  7. Nice outfit! If you want to follow each other, follow us first! :)

  8. Nice photos :) Good luck with your goals for this year :)

  9. Love your resolutions/ bucket list & your photos are lovely

  10. Love that plaid shirt!
    Great blog.

    Much love

  11. Awesome picture girl! Love the edgy look.
    And also, nice bucket list! As of now, I'm still thinking what to add in mine. ;)

    Stay in Style,
    Lookbook Store

  12. Super inspiring Nana!!! and you look so pretty and gorgeous on your photographs too!!!! <3

    love lots,


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