Flash Back 2014

December 31, 2014

In a few hours we'll be saying goodbye to 2014 and then the start of another new year - . Isn't it a bit sad how time just seems to slip away? so before anything else i would love to do a flashback of what my 2014 was. I can't honestly say that it was the best year, it was a roller coaster ride but definitely it was an amazing year for I have accomplished some of the things that I have planted long ago in my day dream garden.  I  have grown stronger and wiser because of the lessons I learned -valuable lessons that I'll forever carry. 

So, What are the lessons I have learned this 2014?  

1. Sometimes It's ok to play deaf - are you familiar with the story of the frog race? then you know what I meant with this. The story is about a bunch of tiny frogs  that decided to do a race to get to the top of a tower. A great crowd of frogs also gathered to watch the tournament but not a single frog from the crowd believe that the runner frogs could reach the top of the tower that they started to yell things that discouraged most of the runner frogs and with this the runners began to collapse one by one except for one tiny frog who succeeded in reaching the top of the tower, for  it turned out that this tiny frog is deaf! the lesson? always shut your ears to pessimistic people - people who continue to be little your dreams, because these are the kind of people who would never believe in you,  they would just weaken  your visions and reveries.

2. Before you walk you must first learn how to crawl -  this is one of my favorite idioms and a proven one. It's true that before you could master something you must first learn the most basic first and sometimes the basics are the hardest especially if you have no knowledge about it. but hardships always paved the path to success and strength. The more you endure hardships the stronger and wiser you become.

3. It's all in the head - when things get tough and rough we tend to blame it on the situation. But the fact is it's all in our head. It really depends on how we handle every situation. Choose to become bitter or choose to become better.

4. Success and Happiness can never be bought - because it can only be earned. Do things that makes you happy. Don't give a shit of people doesn't agree with it. If it makes   you happy go for it!

5. Your self is your only loyal support system - In the end you will only have your self to support you. 

6. Stay away from the plastics - We all live in a "Mean Girls" world here. You will find plastics everywhere. In your circle of friends, circles of family or even in churches. lets' just face it. This is the grim reality. 

and here is a rundown of my 2014 accomplishments:

1. Things have developed both in my personal and blogging life.
2. I finally have my passport and get to start travelling next year. so yay for 2015! I have so much to look forward to.
3. My blog have developed although I still have a looong task bucket lists do to make it even better.  
4. I finally forced myself to hit the gym hahaha but I have to be more faithful on this one.
5. I have come to meet and be friends with amazing bloggers from around the world. They are such wonderful and supportive people.  Christine, Launa, Amy, Cassie, Bisma, and Pooja who never gets tired of visiting my blog hahhaa =) thank you so much =)

(be sure to check my next post soon, will be posting about my 2015 new years resolution)

It's hard to incorporate 2014 pictures in one post so I made a video via slide.ly. Here's a recap of my awesome moments in 2014. 

Flashback 2014 by Slidely Slideshow

So keep standing, keep learning, and keep living.

Good bye 2014, I'm ready for you 2015

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6 Sweet Thoughts

  1. Nana... I am so proud of your accomplishments... you even encouraged me to get back at it. I think we need to support one another when ever possible, you are right, there are many people who want to bring you down. We need to be choosy...xox

    Have an amazing New Year and have fun travelling, that's on my bucket list ♡

  2. loved reading your blog, its amazing :)
    I was wondering if you would like to follow each other?
    Happy New Year 2015!!

  3. Love that slideshow - and the accompanying song! I am so glad to be friends!

    God bless,

  4. I love the slideshow ate Dons.. ;) pwede ko gayahin? hehe,
    Take care always. And may God always be with you!

    Cassie Thriftier