That Someday Will Come

September 20, 2014

My alarm clock started ringing sending a screaming wake up call in my mind. It was exactly 5:00 AM. Just my typical Saturday morning, it is only on this day that I would wake up as early as 5 it’s because it’s a must for my Saturday morning job.  But you know what? It is only on Saturdays that I could feel that inner serenity, I would always choose the time to walk down the park as branches of big trees started to loom above me as if bending down to reach out to me while I watch strangers doing their morning jog with those deep thoughts look and it makes me wonder what they are cogitating at the moment. Are they really happy? Sad? Having to live with regrets? Or are they having that hope that their someday would soon come? It felt like the world is starting to move at a slower pace and I never felt so alive

You Know I always dislike people who are always fond of telling other people what to do and when that person isn't able to live at the standard that he/she is expected to live then they labeled her/him as Hopeless, Incompetent, Useless and sometimes that person begin to believe that he/she is really like that and that's the start of living a life on lies, bounded by hate and anger. Sometimes I wanted to tell people Like, Hello! You have your own life, why keep on running other people's life for them? 
When your beliefs started to crumble, hey! Remember Walt Disney his way to success was not that easy, nobody believed in his dreams, But he is determined to make the world happy and he believed that his "Someday" would come and well, we all know what happens next. 

So this is what my outfit today is all about. It was inspired by the amazing Walt Disney. Who doesn't love Mickey? He was my favorite childhood Disney character! I'm very thankful to for this Mickey Mouse 2 piece. When I found this from their site I was giddy to wear it. I've always been a neutral dresser, but this time I decided to clash with the color codes by pairing this black and white top and bottom with this striking aqua suede pumps from break ice trends. 

What is Break Ice Trends?  Breakice fashion is a global online retail company that delivers 
products directly tobuyers around the world! it is your reliable online purchasing channel. Numerous selections together with attractivepages giving an enjoyable online shopping experience. Shipping is very fast!    

I am very keen when it comes to Quality, I always believe that one should never sacrifice quality for a cheaper price. But I am very satisfied that Break Ice Trend had exceeded my expectation. The items are all in good quality. The shirt is made of cotton that is very comfortable to wear and same goes with the skirt, it's light texture is very comfy. The shoes on the other hand is neatly packed in a box so you can be sure that you will received it in good condition. 

What I'm Wearing:

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Bag: Gift

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18 Sweet Thoughts

  1. I like watching mornig crods too. :3 Amazing outfit - I like your shoes *.*

  2. Such a cute set!!!

  3. That teal shoes! I love that you pair it with your black & white outfit. :)

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  4. So beautiful!! I love your shoes :)

  5. Very well written, I agree, and this outfit is amazing, the skirt is gorgeous :)

  6. I love post like this Nana, right more of this!!!! And you look the cutest <3

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  7. Thanks for your comment on my site! :) Followed back. Keep in touch. x


  8. you look so cute
    IKR!!! just live your own life

  9. Nana, you are adorable and I loved this post... yes everyone should live their own lives and not try to live other peoples lives. It drives me a little crazy too... I just tell them to back off... lol l


  10. Love the outfit.
    Cute skirt en gorgeous shoes.


  11. Gorgeous outfit! Those heels are lovely.

  12. what a nice look,love your charming shoes and popular skirt
    pretty girl always show out fashion idea

    Call me Mifo:

  13. I love Mickey's suit and the shoes are also very nice. xoxo :)

  14. Gostei bastante :)

  15. Love your glasses! I've just followed you, fab blog xx

    Freya Blendell