Mash Up

September 30, 2014

Today’s outfit is a mixture of everything; I do not have a specific theme in mind, I just decided to mash up anything I could find in my closet, and I end up combining style staples from both men and women’s wardrobe.  T-shirt is the most basic clothing you’ll find in a man’s closet, sprinkled it with a touch of lace and stiletto and pooof! You got one ladylike outfit. 
I was always the kind of girl who would love to stare at clouds. It gives me that sense of security and gratitude. Gratitude that I still had a chance to admire it and security knowing that He –God is forever there. I long for that time that I could escape what seems like a forever maze of delusions. I want to sit by the shore and watch the ocean release; its mighty roars as the waves came crashing against rocks of consolation. I want to sit by the lake and watch the sunset as it spreads its beautiful wings over the horizon. I want to run across the lavender fields and I want it to be an inescapable reality.
T-shirt: HERE
Lace short: HERE
Shoes: HERE
Shades: HERE

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13 Sweet Thoughts

  1. Great look! I love the lace details on your shorts x

    x Francesca of

  2. what an amazing mashup
    i loved the lace shrug and shorts with a casual tee
    Keep in touch

  3. Nana, I loved reading your words... I want to be in an inescapable reality too...

    I love the lace shorts, they so look so cute :)

  4. The mash up is truly endearing! I adore the pointed riveted footwear, and the shorts suit your style supremely!
    catch my blog-

  5. I loved the look. The shorts are wonderful.

  6. unique look :)

  7. GREAT POST! <3

    isa |

  8. You look stunning I love your outfit. xoxo